15 October 2011

Seems like only yesterday.

It really doesn't seem like it was four years ago today that I was so nervous about meeting The Boy I Currently Like for the very first time that I felt like I might throw up. That was until I went to the gym and beat 50 percent of the nervousness out of my body, however.

Just a few days earlier, I was wondering whether or not I should even write about him. That post opened a floodgate of crazy that made me very nearly cancel our Big Date. I don't even know how much I should write about that situation four years later ... I certainly didn't think a woman I'd never met would insert herself into my life and throw things into chaos. Oh, Internets. You're always surprising us, aren't you?

When we struck up our e-mail correspondence, I wondered if anything would ever come of it. When we finally decided to meet, I wondered if anything would come of that. I certainly didn't expect us to have gotten to where we are now.

I'm glad I didn't cancel. I'm glad I've been patient and understanding. I'm glad I know him. I'm glad I know his friends and he knows mine.