05 October 2011

One of those times you wish you had a camera.

Alas, mine was in my purse across the room. I would have loved to get a photo of the funeral luncheon yesterday. It was epic in its Lutheran church basementness.

We had scalloped potatoes with ham, creamy fruit salad and buttered white bread. The only thing that broke up the beige on my white plate was the pile of dill pickles I added.

This was my first Lutheran church basement/funeral meal, but I'd heard all the stereotypes. It's nice that my first experience confirmed it. The food wasn't bad, for all it's bland appearance. I thought the scalloped potatoes were far more flavorful than those I remember eating at school. My mom sniffed in disdain, though, when I pointed out the herbs in the potatoes. She was all "That's because they use cream of celery soup." I figured it was too much to hope they had really added herbs on their own.

My mom said she'd rather have pizza at her funeral luncheon. I shall make that shit happen when the day comes.


Anonymous said...

which synod Lutheran are/were you ? i was raised Lutheran but have since soured on organized religion. are you all more of the coffee - dependent Lutherans ?

Jess said...

I was raised Catholic (my dad's family is Irish Catholic). That fact was just one of many, many things my mom's parents hated about us.

I went to church with my mom on occasion when I was a wee girl, but I couldn't tell you much about her synod or anything like that.

Anonymous said...

oh, a "mixed" marriage ! THAT must have been fun to grow up with. one of the Lutheran churches i went to before i stopped altogether actually required females to wear dresses or skirts. NO pants. that didn't last long. i stopped altogether when i noticed the lutheran church backsliding towards catholicism with no reciprocal movement from the catholics. not what i signed up for so i left.