29 October 2011

Oh. Hell. No.

Boy, it seemed like just yesterday that I was raving about my new bras. It was, in fact, less than two months ago.

Boy howdy, my position has changed. I just got back from doing Macho Man's Halloween makeup (he's going as a lady!) and was opening a bottle of wine when I felt something poking into my side. I thought my bra just needed to be adjusted. Tried that to no avail. I did a bit more investigating and found a wire poking out on the left side.

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? This bra cost $65. I've had it for less than two months. I've barely washed it. I've babied it to no end, because I read a lot of the reviews on Her Room and they said to not wear them on consecutive days, to wash them on gentle or hand wash them, to do all the hooks before washing and dry them flat. I DID ALL OF THAT. I did everything I was supposed to do to take good care of these bras. I did more than I've ever done for any bra I've ever owned in my 25-plus years of bra-wearing. And this one lasted a whopping two months.

My cheap-ass Frederick's of Hollywood bras rarely bust underwires, and I don't baby them nearly as much as I've babied these fucking Le Mystère bras. My cheap-ass Frederick's bras last plenty long. I changed into one that's two or three years old just a few minutes ago after the wire popped out of the Le Mystère Dream Tisha bra.

Fuck. You. Le Mystère.

Don't worry. This isn't empty complaining. I'm going to be reviewing my purchase on Her Room and contacting customer service. I'll also go straight to Le Mystère. They'll all be getting a link to this blog post and my Twitter feed.

Edited to add: I spaced about the $76 Le Mystère bra I bought from Macy's and had to return because it started falling apart after oh, eight hours or so of wear. Seriously, Le Mystère, your shit is entirely too expensive to fall apart like that.

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