25 October 2011

Holiday drama starts early.

There have been e-mails and phone calls over the past few days about our gift exchange for my dad's side of the family Christmas. It's freakin' October.

Apparently, we're going from drawing names to a fancier White Elephant gift exchange. My mom is apparently upset (allegedly my dad is, too, but I don't know that is true). I mean, I kind of am, too, but mostly because I think a white elephant is lame, no matter how much money you spend on it.

I don't understand why anyone thinks it will be easier to buy something that anyone in the family age 15 and up would like than it would be to buy a gift for someone you've known for ... oh, pretty much your entire life.

Man, I don't need any more crap. I think I'll just not participate, but regardless, family drama starting two months early just makes me want to avoid the whole fucking thing. I really used to love spending time with my dad's family, but it's getting less fun all the time.


angelsroy33 said...

All that drama is REALLY what has made me dislike X-mas altogether, and pretty much boycott it since I was 21!!! I feel you,...makes you wanna skip the whole damn thing,...yeah, this is why Thanksgiving is my all-time FAVORITE holiday. You get to eat, nap, and watch football all day without any guilt or anyone getting on ya for it,-right?

Jess said...

Thanksgiving is THE BEST. And the best part of my Thanksgivings for the last several years is that I celebrate it with my friends/family of choice.

I'm so freakin' excited for Thanksgiving I can't even tell you.