23 October 2011


I am crabby. Maybe crabby isn't quite right. Perhaps "down" or "in a funk" would be better. Regardless of the exact word, I am not happy today. I'm tired and lethargic. Not too terribly hungry or even that interested in drinking.

Despite all of that, I got to the gym and went to a football party. I didn't stay at the football party very long, but I went. I had a good time. I didn't really think about how shitty I was feeling while I was there. I watched football, drank wine out of my wee Bota Box, sang some harmony on Rock Band and ate some good food.

Then I came home and sulked some more. I got a little more cooking done -- candied some walnuts for spinach salad and cooked up some steel cut oats for the week's breakfast. I did my dishes. Now I'm going to read and dread work. Though, this week shouldn't be too terrible. That will all change, I'm sure.

Hopefully doing some makeup shopping tomorrow will make me feel better.

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