07 September 2011

What did I do to deserve this?

For some reason, I was drawn to the Republican presidential debate this evening. And like an idiot, I didn't fight the urge. I should have resisted, because it was torturous. I didn't even see that much of.

Because I didn't see all of it, I can't say for sure which part was truly the worse. I really, really hated the round of applause that Rick Perry got for his execution record. I threw up a little in my mouth. There's your culture of life from the GOP -- applause for state-sponsored murder. YAY!

I'm glad to hear that Bachmann is deemed a loser in the debate. I was shocked to see Newt was still in the race. Huntsman's wussing out of the opportunity to call out his opponents for being a bunch of anti-science loons was disappointing. I mean, you're a reasonable person who believes in science. Clearly, you're not going far in this race. Take the opportunity when it arises!

I also caught a bit of Rick Santorum talking about evolution in the MSNBC post-mortem. In the actual debate, the moderators made note of his devout Catholicism. I was raised Catholic and went to years and years of CCD classes. Santorum said he accepted evolution on a microorganism level, but not in regard to the human species. First of all, there's a lot of room in between those things. Second, I was taught in my CATHOLIC religious education classes about evolution. We learned about eras and epochs and fossils and early humans. So fuck off, Santorum.

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