21 September 2011

Weird day.

I was really busy at work all day, but kept sneaking checks of Twitter and news sites to keep updated on the Troy Davis execution.

Sure, there were several times I had 100+ tweets to read, but I managed to get caught up. Mostly because I stayed at work until 6:45. I'd planned to leave "early" at 5:30. I use the quotation marks because leaving at 5:30 wouldn't have been early. It would have been on time, if not a little late. It was just earlier than I had left the previous couple of days.

Probably I feel a little weird because I didn't go to the gym. But starting a workout at nearly 8:00 (I had errands to run after work) is bad news bears for me. I'd be up really late. And I'll probably be up until midnight as it is.

The weird feelings might have started last night. I was supposed to leave work early and go home for a wake. The brother of an old friend/son of my parents friends/guy I went to high school with/guy I spent a lot of time around while growing up committed suicide on Friday night. There's so much to say about this that I can't even really say anything about it, other than, it's a goddamn motherfucking shame.

So that was still with me today when I was watching this pending execution with bated breath. I am glad it's been delayed. I hope against hope it doesn't happen. I know I've talked about this plenty of times in this space. I'm unabashedly against the death penalty. It's barbaric. It's wrong. It's a national embarrassment. Regardless of the facts of this particular case, there have been too many exonerations for us to keep doing it. Never mind that it isn't a deterrent and it is much, much, much more expensive than keeping someone in prison for life.

And now I'm hearing the Supreme Court has denied a stay of execution. Fuck you, Georgia. Fuck you, America. I'm done.


Cosmos said...

There was another suicide nearby of an 11 year old boy on Monday.

These deaths are so horrible. Their families and friends are in my thoughts.

And then the Davis execution...it's been a crappy week.

Anonymous said...

I bailed in 2004 when I saw the bushcheneyrove gang were going to be in power in the United States.

I live in a third world portion of a second world country.

I was just getting out. I stumbled onto a situation where I went from one disability check from the street to upper middle class/lower upper class.

I could not afford a private doctor in the US. Here I have six specialists and a general practioner.

Here I have servants, part-time but servants. Try that in the good ol US of A. My maid was crying today because I gave her a $10 bonus on top of her pay.

Yes, I am exploiting the poor but I make sure that the local orphanage has what they need. I see that the children's burn ward has access to cash if they run out of pain killers for the poor children.