27 September 2011

Sometimes I really hate being nice.

I hate being the person who has to flexible or considerate or whatever. I mean, I don't have to, I guess. But if I don't, I might be branded the bitch or unreasonable or ... who knows. I just know I've gotta do it.


Anonymous said...

OY! I know: sometimes, I just want to be the one being catered to (and even just saying that makes me feel bitchy).

Ah, well: we all deserve to be accommodated sometimes! (Can you tell it was a shitty day around these parts?)

Jess said...

Oh, I know -- thinking or saying it make me feel horrible. If I was the one catered to, I'd feel like a huge asshole.

I just can't win. So I'll keep my mouth shut and keep feeling terrible (yesterday wasn't that great around these parts, either ... maybe today?).

Jess said...

... makes me feel horrible. Yeesh.

Anonymous said...

oh thank god it's NOT just me !