25 September 2011

Running hot and cold.

When I came home from The Boy I Currently Like's house this afternoon, I found I'd reached an equilibrium. It was 65 degrees outside -- a lovely, sunny, fall afternoon in Minneapolis. It was also 65 degrees in my apartment. My fingers were so cold, I could barely hold a book.

I don't understand why it's like that. I mean, I get that I'd have been warmer if I'd been able to concentrate and do some work -- a warm laptop on your lap will help matters. But I tried for like, 45 minutes and was just spinning my wheels. Laying down on the couch to watch football and read turned into an exercise in pain, though.

Whatever, it was time to do Sunday night cooking. I got the entire CSA box this week. My fridge is PACKED. Friday night I made potato leek soup. Tonight I was going to use one of the two remaining leeks and a bunch of other vegetables to make the Cornbread Skillet recipe that was in this week's newsletter.

Being the clever bitch that I am, I started preheating the oven first thing. That really helped warm it up in here. One cornbread skillet, four hard boiled eggs and clean dishes later, I've stripped off two top layers (down to a t-shirt from the t-shirt, long-sleeve t and track jacket), taken off my slippers and swapped my long flannel pants for gaucho pants. And I'm totally sweating. Yay!

Weekends are the hardest when I'm in that grey-area where it's too early or too late to have the heat on. I mean, on a week day, I get up and am in the shower and running the hair dryer and 64 degrees is tolerable because I'm moving around. When I get home from the gym after work I'm still warm and then a shower keeps me warm and then it's time for bed. On the weekend, though? It's down time and I want and need downtime. But I can't have it, because it's too cold, so I have to be up doing shit. And all I want to do is relax.

Whatever. It'll be 70+ in a few days. For a couple of days.

I should go do some more stuff before I cool down too much. But before I go, I feel like I need to brag a little about going 3-0 in fantasy football and my potentially-new-favorite football team, the Detroit Lions (crazy, right?) totally stuck it to the Vikings this afternoon. That shit was delightful. I'm not entirely sure I'm going to adopt the Lions, but I feel like it's been brewing. I may have stood up and screamed in The Boy's living room today when Matty Stafford hit Megatron for that 40-some yard pass in OT that essentially won the game for them. Hahahahahahahaha.

(Also, God, I'm so fucking boring. Just bitching about being cold and talking about what I'm cooking/baking. But it's better than my bitching about work, right? Change of pace and so on?)

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Pangolin said...

This sounds weird but a tablespoon of coconut oil (put it in chai tea or coffee) will heat you up for eight to ten hours.

It's a "thermogenic" food meaning it tells your body to put the fat-to-heat boiler on overdrive. It really works, especially if you take that first tablespoon in the morning.