01 September 2011

Nerd alert.

A couple of days ago, I got a letter in the mail telling me my household would be receiving the American Community Survey (ACS) in the mail shortly.

Oh my God. YAY! Before the long-form census was scrapped in favor of the American Community Survey, I always hoped to get that in the mail. That was before I started working as a demographics researcher. I remember going to a conference and sitting in on a presentation from the Census Bureau on what the American Community Survey was going to be and how it would work and how we'd be able to use the data and all that. It was very interesting and pretty exciting.

Even though I'm no longer a demographics researcher, I use that kind of data in my work. I use all kinds of survey data in my research, so I'm one of those suckers who fills out pretty much any survey I get. Except those "how is our website" bullshit ones. If no one does those surveys, I can't answer my clients questions. Hint-hint. And even though I'm no longer a demographics researcher, that information is very interesting to me. I still hate to admit this, but I actually had fun doing a presentation on the aging of the population to a city human rights commission once at my old job.
So I was super-stoked when the ACS showed up in the mail today. Man, that envelope was thick. My mind raced with all the possible questions they could ask. I'm not sure why, though. I know the kind of information they collect, so I should have realized that there were so many pages for households with multiple people. Those suckers got a single, educated white woman living in the city. How boring am I?

Still, I'm going to fill that bitch out and send it back post-haste. Now if only I could get called again for jury duty ...

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