19 September 2011

Like walking on a cloud.

I was really excited to go to the gym tonight, because I got new gym shoes from Brooks this weekend (they're the blue ones, not the default color).

I went to the Running Room to redeem my Groupon that expired Saturday. I know, I know. I'd expected the place to be packed, but it wasn't and I was in and out in under 30 minutes. Apparently, they'd been very busy in the morning, when I was cold and windblown at my nephew's football game.

The Running Room has a reputation as a hands-on place. They watch you walk and all that to tailor your shoe selection to your specific needs. That's all fine and good, but I was expecting more than I got. I know my arches are shitty and I overpronate and that's the cause of a good chunk of my knee problems right there. So, we probably could have dispensed with all that, but I imagine it's good for people who haven't been aware of their fucked up leg problems for half their life (or more, now that I think about it ... shit, I'm old).

Still, I'd rather have them be hands-on than hands off and lead me to fend for myself. I was pretty efficient and tried on like, eight pairs of shoes. Some were easy to dismiss because my stupid narrow heels slid out. I settled on the last pair I tried, which were also the most expensive. They were also the coolest, though, too.

Honestly, they feel like they're just packed fucking full of cushion. They'll take a bit of breaking in and getting used to -- they're so built up on the inside part of the foot that I feel a bit wobbly on the outside -- but I really like them. My left knee has been bothering me for a good two weeks, but has been getting better, especially after a four-day break from the gym. I'd just been doing mostly arms and light cardio over the last couple of weeks, but today I did a regular workout and when I was showering a bit ago, I realized my knee actually feels better than it did before I went to the gym. Nice!

My other weekend purchases weren't as successful. Okay, I didn't actually purchase the eyeshadow I got from Ulta. I used my quarterly reward certificate to get three shadows and a nail polish. I should have gone for the dry shampoo and the nail polish. If only I could have found a perfume I wanted. I didn't do a good job of maximizing my free shit. The three shadows I got (Glamazon, Sapphire and Sin City) all look black. Which would be great if I wanted a black shadow. But I already have two -- a matte one and a sparkly one.

Still, it's free shit. And I finally hit 10,000 points with Aveda, which means I get a $150 gift certificate. Massage, here I come!

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