05 September 2011

If only I had something to blog about when I wanted to write.

There are many days I feel like I have something to say, but by the time I get done with work, the gym, dinner, dishes and whatever else I do during the week, I usually don't have time. Or, I'd rather be reading or just prone and zoning out.

So of course, I felt like writing tonight, but I didn't do much with my weekend, so what's the point? I had a happy hour on my deck by myself Friday after getting off work a couple hours early. It was really quite nice. I feel like I've barely spent any time out there this summer. It was too cold or raining for a very long time and then (after all the rain), it was Mosquito City U.S.A. When I got off work Friday it was breezy, early and a perfect opportunity to sit on the deck and have a few drinks while I read my book.

Saturday I did happy hour at Liquor Lyle's with Law Talkin' Gal. I stayed longer than I had intended and spent considerably more money than I'd planned to, but damn -- if Law Talkin' Gal wants to have another drink and stay out a little longer, I'm going to have another drink and stay out a little longer. That shit doesn't happen every day.

The Boy I Currently Like and I changed shit up and hung out last night, since we had the extra day. He found the comment my mom left on the picture I posted of us from the photo booth at the wedding last weekend. The weekend before the wedding, I gave her the opportunity to ask about him (told her I was going to the wedding with my Gentleman Caller), but she didn't say a fucking peep. She said something about "Is that your friend?" Jesus, lady. Just call me and ask about him. I'm willing to talk about him, but not for much longer.

I did some work today and made vegetable chili and cornbread. That's about it. I'm sad summer is over, even though I have nothing going on with school. I'm excited for football to start. I'm excited for cooler temperatures. I'd be really happy if we had a real fall this year. It's nice to not be running the air conditioner for a few days. Also -- short work week. YAY.


Carrie said...

Hey, I get sleepy sometimes!!! Ok, all the time. But that was the best evening I've had in ages.

Jess said...

Girrrrrrrrl, I know! That's why I was so excited that you wanted to stay out. I would have done pretty much anything you wanted to do. It was DELIGHTFUL.