12 September 2011

Hello, Fall.

Ah, it's that fantastic time in Minnesota where we have wild temperature swings. We kinda had one ... 10 days ago? It was 89 today (after several days of high 80s-early 90s). It will be 72 tomorrow and 58 on Wednesday. Yay!

Look, I'm not really bemoaning the cooler weather. I was as sick of the heat as everyone else. The thing is, though, it may be 90 degrees during the day, but it doesn't feel nearly as hot as it did in July or August. But hey -- I enjoy good sleeping weather as much as the next person. So, bring it on.

Fucking Wes Welker. Someone needs to hold him down and punch him in the junk. Repeatedly.

Why yes, I am watching Monday Night Football. I was not going to write anything about football, but my fantasy football team is on the verge of a come-from-behind win, so I've changed my mind. Not only am I (hopefully) going to start the season 1-0, the last time I checked, I was in first place in the I Dislike Your Favorite Team pick 'em contest.

You may remember that I had a pretty good year last year, picking games. However, I didn't get my goddamn Jebus statue until last month. I needled Big Blue Monkey about it a few time, but mostly I forgot.

It says "Jesus is my coach." Well, Jesus apparently doesn't give a damn about his offensive line, because he's about to get tackled for a loss. Nice work, Savior. Despite our Lord's questionable coaching abilities, I am still happy to have it. YAY ME.

As long as I'm talking about coaches, I should probably mention my excitement about the Timberwolves new coach, Rick Adelman. Truth be told, I never much liked him when he coached at Sacramento, Houston and Portland. Mostly because those teams always had our number. I couldn't be happier that he's the Wolves new coach.

Now, if only there was going to be a basketball season. C'mon, NBA, get that shit figured out.

I didn't really mean this to be a sports post, but here we are. I meant to post yesterday about the weekend, but surprise, surprise -- I was caught up reading. But I'm on the last of the published books in the George R.R. Martin A Song of Fire and Ice series. You'll have me back spouting inane shit soon enough.

The weekend was good. We went out for dinner Friday night for KayGee's birthday. It was yet another successful social outing for The Boy I Currently Like. I'm so proud of him. I'm glad he was able to not only make it through the night, but he said he had fun. He said it a number of times. I have to believe that is true.

Went to the Herkimer's Oktoberfest on Saturday. Jesus H. Christ. There were so many fucking hipsters there. The air was thick with irony. I hated them so much. And the beer was not good. But I was outside. It was lovely. There was music and Law Talkin' Gal, her Doctor Friend and Macho Man. It was a delightful evening.

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