23 September 2011

Heatin' it up.

So, it's cold in my apartment. It's that time of year when it cools down, but it's way too early to turn on the furnace. And living in an apartment building, the management company is of course stingy with the heat. Save for a couple of years ago when they turned the heat on in August and I called because ... it was AUGUST.

It's supposed to be 72 on Tuesday. It was supposed to be 80 on Sunday. They keep revising the forecast down, which is disconcerting.

When I woke up this morning it was 64 in here. Nice sleepin' weather, but not nice for being outside bed. Or outside the shower. I formulated a plan, though, and I went with it. I went to the gym, which raised my body temperature. Unfortunately, I ran errands for like, an hour after. So I cooled down.

Since I got home shortly before 8:00, I've had the oven/stove on and I've been washing dishes. I made rocky road brownies and potato leek soup. I somehow managed to raise the temp FOUR DEGREES. Of course, it's 11:20 and I haven't showered yet. But whatever.

Thankfully, I'll be out and about much of tomorrow. It's also supposed to be warmer outside than inside (by only a couple of degrees, but still ...). Maybe it'll warm up a bit?

I just realized I'm freakin' exhausted. I need to get into the shower and get my ass into bed.

G'night, y'all.

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