26 September 2011

Gym chronicles.

When I got to the gym tonight (late, because after working late, I had to go to St. Paul to retrieve my phone charger from The Boy I Currently Like's house), there was a girl laying on one of the benches in the locker room.

Now, that kind of thing might not seem like a big deal. However, the locker room is situated so that each bank of ... I don't know, maybe 32 lockers (I really have no idea how many there are, but they go into the 120s), has a single bench to accommodate everyone using that bank of lockers. If there are more than two people -- three maximum -- using the bench at at time, it's a cluster fuck. Often a single woman can make it impossible to use the bench, because she has her shit spread out everywhere. Fuck. You.

So, when there is a full-grown woman stretched out on the bench, reading shit on her phone, no one else can use the damn thing. If she was hurt, maybe it would be different. But she was just loungin' around, reading e-mails or texts or what the fuck ever.

Maybe I'm just a crazy woman to be irritated by such a thing, but sweet buttery Christ, that's so goddamn inconsiderate. I sometimes feel like a crazy person because I get so upset at the inconsiderate actions of others. And there are so many of those people around. Are they jerks? Oblivious? Who knows? I know I try to avoid doing shit like that because a) I don't like it when people do it to me and b) I know how much shit I talk about people who act like that. I don't want people talkin' 'bout me like that.

And even though I wasn't taking up much room at all on the bench (thankfully, one was free of loungers), a girl came in and set her bag down about 1.5 inches from mine. Dude, really? You could have at least 4.5 more inches and there would be plenty of room on the bench. I'm changing and about to unleash Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam. The Girls need some space. Please give us a little room to breathe.

Goddamn, I'm getting to be a cranky old lady.

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