29 September 2011

I am hero!

One of those nasty skanks from the office next door lost her credit/debit card on the nasty floor of the bathroom.

I picked that card up and put it in an envelope with information and stuck it in the mail slot (that's what she said) of the management company.

Okay, so I considered just throwing it away. But the point is I didn't do that. I am a HERO. And you know, I'm all about "do unto others," especially when it comes to the bathroom, so why not when they lose a card in the bathroom?

27 September 2011

Sometimes I really hate being nice.

I hate being the person who has to flexible or considerate or whatever. I mean, I don't have to, I guess. But if I don't, I might be branded the bitch or unreasonable or ... who knows. I just know I've gotta do it.

26 September 2011

Gym chronicles.

When I got to the gym tonight (late, because after working late, I had to go to St. Paul to retrieve my phone charger from The Boy I Currently Like's house), there was a girl laying on one of the benches in the locker room.

Now, that kind of thing might not seem like a big deal. However, the locker room is situated so that each bank of ... I don't know, maybe 32 lockers (I really have no idea how many there are, but they go into the 120s), has a single bench to accommodate everyone using that bank of lockers. If there are more than two people -- three maximum -- using the bench at at time, it's a cluster fuck. Often a single woman can make it impossible to use the bench, because she has her shit spread out everywhere. Fuck. You.

So, when there is a full-grown woman stretched out on the bench, reading shit on her phone, no one else can use the damn thing. If she was hurt, maybe it would be different. But she was just loungin' around, reading e-mails or texts or what the fuck ever.

Maybe I'm just a crazy woman to be irritated by such a thing, but sweet buttery Christ, that's so goddamn inconsiderate. I sometimes feel like a crazy person because I get so upset at the inconsiderate actions of others. And there are so many of those people around. Are they jerks? Oblivious? Who knows? I know I try to avoid doing shit like that because a) I don't like it when people do it to me and b) I know how much shit I talk about people who act like that. I don't want people talkin' 'bout me like that.

And even though I wasn't taking up much room at all on the bench (thankfully, one was free of loungers), a girl came in and set her bag down about 1.5 inches from mine. Dude, really? You could have at least 4.5 more inches and there would be plenty of room on the bench. I'm changing and about to unleash Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam. The Girls need some space. Please give us a little room to breathe.

Goddamn, I'm getting to be a cranky old lady.

25 September 2011

Running hot and cold.

When I came home from The Boy I Currently Like's house this afternoon, I found I'd reached an equilibrium. It was 65 degrees outside -- a lovely, sunny, fall afternoon in Minneapolis. It was also 65 degrees in my apartment. My fingers were so cold, I could barely hold a book.

I don't understand why it's like that. I mean, I get that I'd have been warmer if I'd been able to concentrate and do some work -- a warm laptop on your lap will help matters. But I tried for like, 45 minutes and was just spinning my wheels. Laying down on the couch to watch football and read turned into an exercise in pain, though.

Whatever, it was time to do Sunday night cooking. I got the entire CSA box this week. My fridge is PACKED. Friday night I made potato leek soup. Tonight I was going to use one of the two remaining leeks and a bunch of other vegetables to make the Cornbread Skillet recipe that was in this week's newsletter.

Being the clever bitch that I am, I started preheating the oven first thing. That really helped warm it up in here. One cornbread skillet, four hard boiled eggs and clean dishes later, I've stripped off two top layers (down to a t-shirt from the t-shirt, long-sleeve t and track jacket), taken off my slippers and swapped my long flannel pants for gaucho pants. And I'm totally sweating. Yay!

Weekends are the hardest when I'm in that grey-area where it's too early or too late to have the heat on. I mean, on a week day, I get up and am in the shower and running the hair dryer and 64 degrees is tolerable because I'm moving around. When I get home from the gym after work I'm still warm and then a shower keeps me warm and then it's time for bed. On the weekend, though? It's down time and I want and need downtime. But I can't have it, because it's too cold, so I have to be up doing shit. And all I want to do is relax.

Whatever. It'll be 70+ in a few days. For a couple of days.

I should go do some more stuff before I cool down too much. But before I go, I feel like I need to brag a little about going 3-0 in fantasy football and my potentially-new-favorite football team, the Detroit Lions (crazy, right?) totally stuck it to the Vikings this afternoon. That shit was delightful. I'm not entirely sure I'm going to adopt the Lions, but I feel like it's been brewing. I may have stood up and screamed in The Boy's living room today when Matty Stafford hit Megatron for that 40-some yard pass in OT that essentially won the game for them. Hahahahahahahaha.

(Also, God, I'm so fucking boring. Just bitching about being cold and talking about what I'm cooking/baking. But it's better than my bitching about work, right? Change of pace and so on?)

23 September 2011

Heatin' it up.

So, it's cold in my apartment. It's that time of year when it cools down, but it's way too early to turn on the furnace. And living in an apartment building, the management company is of course stingy with the heat. Save for a couple of years ago when they turned the heat on in August and I called because ... it was AUGUST.

It's supposed to be 72 on Tuesday. It was supposed to be 80 on Sunday. They keep revising the forecast down, which is disconcerting.

When I woke up this morning it was 64 in here. Nice sleepin' weather, but not nice for being outside bed. Or outside the shower. I formulated a plan, though, and I went with it. I went to the gym, which raised my body temperature. Unfortunately, I ran errands for like, an hour after. So I cooled down.

Since I got home shortly before 8:00, I've had the oven/stove on and I've been washing dishes. I made rocky road brownies and potato leek soup. I somehow managed to raise the temp FOUR DEGREES. Of course, it's 11:20 and I haven't showered yet. But whatever.

Thankfully, I'll be out and about much of tomorrow. It's also supposed to be warmer outside than inside (by only a couple of degrees, but still ...). Maybe it'll warm up a bit?

I just realized I'm freakin' exhausted. I need to get into the shower and get my ass into bed.

G'night, y'all.

21 September 2011

Weird day.

I was really busy at work all day, but kept sneaking checks of Twitter and news sites to keep updated on the Troy Davis execution.

Sure, there were several times I had 100+ tweets to read, but I managed to get caught up. Mostly because I stayed at work until 6:45. I'd planned to leave "early" at 5:30. I use the quotation marks because leaving at 5:30 wouldn't have been early. It would have been on time, if not a little late. It was just earlier than I had left the previous couple of days.

Probably I feel a little weird because I didn't go to the gym. But starting a workout at nearly 8:00 (I had errands to run after work) is bad news bears for me. I'd be up really late. And I'll probably be up until midnight as it is.

The weird feelings might have started last night. I was supposed to leave work early and go home for a wake. The brother of an old friend/son of my parents friends/guy I went to high school with/guy I spent a lot of time around while growing up committed suicide on Friday night. There's so much to say about this that I can't even really say anything about it, other than, it's a goddamn motherfucking shame.

So that was still with me today when I was watching this pending execution with bated breath. I am glad it's been delayed. I hope against hope it doesn't happen. I know I've talked about this plenty of times in this space. I'm unabashedly against the death penalty. It's barbaric. It's wrong. It's a national embarrassment. Regardless of the facts of this particular case, there have been too many exonerations for us to keep doing it. Never mind that it isn't a deterrent and it is much, much, much more expensive than keeping someone in prison for life.

And now I'm hearing the Supreme Court has denied a stay of execution. Fuck you, Georgia. Fuck you, America. I'm done.

19 September 2011

Like walking on a cloud.

I was really excited to go to the gym tonight, because I got new gym shoes from Brooks this weekend (they're the blue ones, not the default color).

I went to the Running Room to redeem my Groupon that expired Saturday. I know, I know. I'd expected the place to be packed, but it wasn't and I was in and out in under 30 minutes. Apparently, they'd been very busy in the morning, when I was cold and windblown at my nephew's football game.

The Running Room has a reputation as a hands-on place. They watch you walk and all that to tailor your shoe selection to your specific needs. That's all fine and good, but I was expecting more than I got. I know my arches are shitty and I overpronate and that's the cause of a good chunk of my knee problems right there. So, we probably could have dispensed with all that, but I imagine it's good for people who haven't been aware of their fucked up leg problems for half their life (or more, now that I think about it ... shit, I'm old).

Still, I'd rather have them be hands-on than hands off and lead me to fend for myself. I was pretty efficient and tried on like, eight pairs of shoes. Some were easy to dismiss because my stupid narrow heels slid out. I settled on the last pair I tried, which were also the most expensive. They were also the coolest, though, too.

Honestly, they feel like they're just packed fucking full of cushion. They'll take a bit of breaking in and getting used to -- they're so built up on the inside part of the foot that I feel a bit wobbly on the outside -- but I really like them. My left knee has been bothering me for a good two weeks, but has been getting better, especially after a four-day break from the gym. I'd just been doing mostly arms and light cardio over the last couple of weeks, but today I did a regular workout and when I was showering a bit ago, I realized my knee actually feels better than it did before I went to the gym. Nice!

My other weekend purchases weren't as successful. Okay, I didn't actually purchase the eyeshadow I got from Ulta. I used my quarterly reward certificate to get three shadows and a nail polish. I should have gone for the dry shampoo and the nail polish. If only I could have found a perfume I wanted. I didn't do a good job of maximizing my free shit. The three shadows I got (Glamazon, Sapphire and Sin City) all look black. Which would be great if I wanted a black shadow. But I already have two -- a matte one and a sparkly one.

Still, it's free shit. And I finally hit 10,000 points with Aveda, which means I get a $150 gift certificate. Massage, here I come!

18 September 2011

It's gettin' hot in here.

What with the near-freezing temperatures and all, it's been a might bit nipply up in Casa de Bacon over the last several days. However, a couple of days of more near-normal temps and a few hours of using the oven and stove and washing dishes have jacked up the temp in here. Yay!

I shouldn't have to worry too much over the next several days, as the high temps are supposed to be in the 70s for most of the 10-day forecast. I couldn't turn the heat on, since the management company controls that shit, but I'm still glad we toughed it out.

The chilly weekend was made more bearable by the fact that I wasn't home most of the weekend. I went to the Twins game with the fam Friday night. I was up and out of the house by 10:00 Saturday to go to the nephew's football game. I was home briefly between the game, running errands and heading out to The Boy I Currently Like's place.

What with all the cooking I've done tonight, I've not been cold at all. I made pork chops in a white wine sauce with rosemary and garlic, oven-roasted potatoes and shortbread. I'll go ahead and assume the shortbread is good and proclaim the weekend cooking a success.

I feel bummed there's nothing exciting to discuss. I got new gym shoes. I had a Groupon for the Running Room and got some sweet new kicks. I got a cool '60s vintage purse for just $18 from Blacklist Vintage. Um ... that's about it.

This just in: I'm boring.

15 September 2011

Nerds and boobs -- together at last.

Holy shit. NERD BRAS.

I would be delighted simply by the names of those bras, but even more delightful is that they come in my size. At least a few of them.

Despite the fact that they are really fucking expensive (twice as much as my "expensive" bras), I think I'm going to need to get the Tatooine or the Edoras. Maybe both?

Found this via Sarah Thyre, my favorite person on Twitter.

14 September 2011


It was 44 degrees warmer on Monday than it is right now. It's 21 degrees colder in my apartment right now than it was outside on Monday. Yeesh. I'm wearing layers and slippers and when I get home tomorrow night, I'm gonna wish the heat was on.

This has been one of the craziest weather years I can remember. We had obscene amounts of snow, no spring to speak of, a ridiculously hot and humid summer and now an early freeze. What's one more record, right?

But this whole climate change thing is bullshit, right?

13 September 2011

Weeknight baking.

I didn't intend to do any baking tonight. However, when I got to the gym, I found I'd forgotten my sport bra. Mother. Fucker. I drove all the way to St. Louis Park to go to yoga and I was thwarted. This has taught me something, however. I'm going to pack my old sport bra in my gym bag so I have it for occasions such as this.

My forgetting of contacts/glasses on a number of occasions led me to put contacts, glasses and contact cases in my travel bags, too. I have a problem with packing things in the in morning. I should really do it in the evenings, but I never get around to it.

So, I decided to try to use my time wisely and I made dried cherry muffins and goulash. Nothin' like comfort food when it's supposed to freeze tomorrow night.

Wait. What? It's supposed to freeze tomorrow night? Oh for the love of ...

Most shocking about this evening, I think, is the fact that I've yet to pick up my book. I could have been reading for three hours! But I decided to do stuff! But now The Daily Show is on and I expect them to talk about the Tea Party crowd at the debate last night cheering for the death of a person without insurance. Yeah.

12 September 2011

Hello, Fall.

Ah, it's that fantastic time in Minnesota where we have wild temperature swings. We kinda had one ... 10 days ago? It was 89 today (after several days of high 80s-early 90s). It will be 72 tomorrow and 58 on Wednesday. Yay!

Look, I'm not really bemoaning the cooler weather. I was as sick of the heat as everyone else. The thing is, though, it may be 90 degrees during the day, but it doesn't feel nearly as hot as it did in July or August. But hey -- I enjoy good sleeping weather as much as the next person. So, bring it on.

Fucking Wes Welker. Someone needs to hold him down and punch him in the junk. Repeatedly.

Why yes, I am watching Monday Night Football. I was not going to write anything about football, but my fantasy football team is on the verge of a come-from-behind win, so I've changed my mind. Not only am I (hopefully) going to start the season 1-0, the last time I checked, I was in first place in the I Dislike Your Favorite Team pick 'em contest.

You may remember that I had a pretty good year last year, picking games. However, I didn't get my goddamn Jebus statue until last month. I needled Big Blue Monkey about it a few time, but mostly I forgot.

It says "Jesus is my coach." Well, Jesus apparently doesn't give a damn about his offensive line, because he's about to get tackled for a loss. Nice work, Savior. Despite our Lord's questionable coaching abilities, I am still happy to have it. YAY ME.

As long as I'm talking about coaches, I should probably mention my excitement about the Timberwolves new coach, Rick Adelman. Truth be told, I never much liked him when he coached at Sacramento, Houston and Portland. Mostly because those teams always had our number. I couldn't be happier that he's the Wolves new coach.

Now, if only there was going to be a basketball season. C'mon, NBA, get that shit figured out.

I didn't really mean this to be a sports post, but here we are. I meant to post yesterday about the weekend, but surprise, surprise -- I was caught up reading. But I'm on the last of the published books in the George R.R. Martin A Song of Fire and Ice series. You'll have me back spouting inane shit soon enough.

The weekend was good. We went out for dinner Friday night for KayGee's birthday. It was yet another successful social outing for The Boy I Currently Like. I'm so proud of him. I'm glad he was able to not only make it through the night, but he said he had fun. He said it a number of times. I have to believe that is true.

Went to the Herkimer's Oktoberfest on Saturday. Jesus H. Christ. There were so many fucking hipsters there. The air was thick with irony. I hated them so much. And the beer was not good. But I was outside. It was lovely. There was music and Law Talkin' Gal, her Doctor Friend and Macho Man. It was a delightful evening.

07 September 2011

What did I do to deserve this?

For some reason, I was drawn to the Republican presidential debate this evening. And like an idiot, I didn't fight the urge. I should have resisted, because it was torturous. I didn't even see that much of.

Because I didn't see all of it, I can't say for sure which part was truly the worse. I really, really hated the round of applause that Rick Perry got for his execution record. I threw up a little in my mouth. There's your culture of life from the GOP -- applause for state-sponsored murder. YAY!

I'm glad to hear that Bachmann is deemed a loser in the debate. I was shocked to see Newt was still in the race. Huntsman's wussing out of the opportunity to call out his opponents for being a bunch of anti-science loons was disappointing. I mean, you're a reasonable person who believes in science. Clearly, you're not going far in this race. Take the opportunity when it arises!

I also caught a bit of Rick Santorum talking about evolution in the MSNBC post-mortem. In the actual debate, the moderators made note of his devout Catholicism. I was raised Catholic and went to years and years of CCD classes. Santorum said he accepted evolution on a microorganism level, but not in regard to the human species. First of all, there's a lot of room in between those things. Second, I was taught in my CATHOLIC religious education classes about evolution. We learned about eras and epochs and fossils and early humans. So fuck off, Santorum.

06 September 2011

Hello. Where have you been all my life?

I popped into Trader Joe's last night after yoga for some supplies and wine. When I went into the wine shop, I grabbed a basket, so as to facilitate my purchase of a half dozen bottles of Cab and Shiraz.

But, oh. What's this? A boxed wine display? It's $9.99 for three liters? Shit, I put my basket back and grabbed two boxes of Shiraz. That appeared to be the only option. I didn't pay any mind to what the white was.

Of course, I had to try a glass (or two) as soon as I got home. Holy shit, y'all. It. Is. Delicious. It is considerably better than the bottled Charles Shaw brand Shiraz or Cab. Those are the only Chuck varieties I drink, really. It's absolutely up there with Bota Box and the Big House boxed wines.

I'm so excited for another cheap, delicious wine option. And this is seriously cheap. It is four bottles for $10. That is $2.50 per bottle. It's better than most $3 wines. Probably better than even more expensive wines. Let's not forget it is kinder to Mother Earth, as well.

I'm absolutely, 100 percent in love. Sorry for staying away for so long, Trader Joe's. I'll be back on the regular.

05 September 2011

If only I had something to blog about when I wanted to write.

There are many days I feel like I have something to say, but by the time I get done with work, the gym, dinner, dishes and whatever else I do during the week, I usually don't have time. Or, I'd rather be reading or just prone and zoning out.

So of course, I felt like writing tonight, but I didn't do much with my weekend, so what's the point? I had a happy hour on my deck by myself Friday after getting off work a couple hours early. It was really quite nice. I feel like I've barely spent any time out there this summer. It was too cold or raining for a very long time and then (after all the rain), it was Mosquito City U.S.A. When I got off work Friday it was breezy, early and a perfect opportunity to sit on the deck and have a few drinks while I read my book.

Saturday I did happy hour at Liquor Lyle's with Law Talkin' Gal. I stayed longer than I had intended and spent considerably more money than I'd planned to, but damn -- if Law Talkin' Gal wants to have another drink and stay out a little longer, I'm going to have another drink and stay out a little longer. That shit doesn't happen every day.

The Boy I Currently Like and I changed shit up and hung out last night, since we had the extra day. He found the comment my mom left on the picture I posted of us from the photo booth at the wedding last weekend. The weekend before the wedding, I gave her the opportunity to ask about him (told her I was going to the wedding with my Gentleman Caller), but she didn't say a fucking peep. She said something about "Is that your friend?" Jesus, lady. Just call me and ask about him. I'm willing to talk about him, but not for much longer.

I did some work today and made vegetable chili and cornbread. That's about it. I'm sad summer is over, even though I have nothing going on with school. I'm excited for football to start. I'm excited for cooler temperatures. I'd be really happy if we had a real fall this year. It's nice to not be running the air conditioner for a few days. Also -- short work week. YAY.

02 September 2011

Visit to a different zoo.

While in Madison last weekend, The Boy I Currently Like and I went to the Henry Vilas Zoo. It's a free zoo -- they don't even ask for a donation at the door like Como. They do have tons of places for you to donate, though, which is nice. I took pictures. Here are some of them.

01 September 2011

Nerd alert.

A couple of days ago, I got a letter in the mail telling me my household would be receiving the American Community Survey (ACS) in the mail shortly.

Oh my God. YAY! Before the long-form census was scrapped in favor of the American Community Survey, I always hoped to get that in the mail. That was before I started working as a demographics researcher. I remember going to a conference and sitting in on a presentation from the Census Bureau on what the American Community Survey was going to be and how it would work and how we'd be able to use the data and all that. It was very interesting and pretty exciting.

Even though I'm no longer a demographics researcher, I use that kind of data in my work. I use all kinds of survey data in my research, so I'm one of those suckers who fills out pretty much any survey I get. Except those "how is our website" bullshit ones. If no one does those surveys, I can't answer my clients questions. Hint-hint. And even though I'm no longer a demographics researcher, that information is very interesting to me. I still hate to admit this, but I actually had fun doing a presentation on the aging of the population to a city human rights commission once at my old job.
So I was super-stoked when the ACS showed up in the mail today. Man, that envelope was thick. My mind raced with all the possible questions they could ask. I'm not sure why, though. I know the kind of information they collect, so I should have realized that there were so many pages for households with multiple people. Those suckers got a single, educated white woman living in the city. How boring am I?

Still, I'm going to fill that bitch out and send it back post-haste. Now if only I could get called again for jury duty ...