29 August 2011

Wedding weekend.

I just realized as I sat down to think of a title for this post that when I got home yesterday from Madison, I didn't want desperately to be home. Any time I go anywhere -- Girls' Weekend, the farm, other family shit -- I am always really glad to be home. I'm usually quite anxious to get home. But not yesterday. In fact, I found it an enormous pain in the ass that I had to get home by 5:00 for my fantasy football draft (which started an hour late because I'm in a league with a bunch of fucksticks).

The trip to Madison for The Boy I Currently Like's Better-Looking Friend's wedding was absolutely delightful. The family and friends dinner was fun on Thursday. The wedding was great. The ceremony was brief, informal, silly and sweet. I had a glass of sangria in my hand while I looked on from a doorway. THEY HAD A HOT DOG BAR, you guys. I ate a hot dog (one dog, cut in half, so it was totally a fancy appetizer) at the reception. AWESOME. Booze was plentiful, the band was good, there was a photo booth, fortune teller and some room that had something or other in it, but I never got there. The BBQ on Saturday was chill, with more food, more booze and more delightful people.

I'm once again kind of floored by what an amazing group of friends The Boy I Currently Like has. I think it's amazing enough that I managed to amass a group of kickass friends I love the shit out of for myself, but to be welcomed by his group of incredible friends seems a bit decadent. I'm glad I got a bit more time to spend with them this weekend. I knew I liked them and I knew they were great people, but this weekend I got to see more of it than ever before. I'm just really thankful that they seem to think I'm okay.

Oh, and The Boy. After three days-plus together, we weren't sick of each other. I was so stressed out about work and getting ready for the trip and what I'd wear and shoes that I pretty much forgot to worry about whether we'd get along spending all that time together. I had been earlier, of course. He was concerned. But it was fine. I was sad to leave him yesterday, in fact.

Really, I couldn't ask for much more out of a weekend.


Reuben said...

hot dog bar??? badass!

Jess said...

There were nachos, too. Best wedding food ever.

Anonymous said...

props to whoever planned that reception. maybe i should be taking notes . . . . .