07 August 2011

This ain't soup-makin' weather.

Yet, I made a huge pot of minestrone tonight. Honestly, it couldn't be helped. My aunt's recipe calls for several things that were in my CSA box -- zucchini, carrots, onion, garlic, bell pepper, green beans, tomatoes ... I did have to augment, however. I needed celery and I actually gave the CSA onion to my coworker. Also, I only have one small tomato from the box. The Uptown Market remedied most of that, however.

My post-cooking, dish washing extravaganza was thwarted about midway through, however, when I discovered my drain-stopper-thingy had completely fallen apart. I was going to hit Target between work and the gym tomorrow. Might as well pop into Home Depot while I'm there, I guess.

Ugh, work. We finally have a new person starting tomorrow and I found out late Thursday afternoon that I was to be in charge of his training. Mostly because the New York office's program calls for too much training without enough working and Chicken Little was a considerable part of the reason our last new hire quit. So I'm pretty much the only hope. That's unfortunate, because I'm not a good teacher -- mainly because I'm not a patient woman.

Let's not forget that I still have to do my normal work. So I'll be back to working nights and weekends, which is probably why I've not done any work this weekend. I kinda feel like it is my last free one for a while. The boss seems to think this dude will catch on fast. I hope he's right. Either way, my Friday afternoon trip to Como with The Boy I Currently Like is almost certainly off. God fucking dammit.

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