31 August 2011

They're called "foundation garments" for a reason.

I was planning on writing this post when I got home from sushi with KayGee tonight, so it was perfect that we started talking about how, now that we're thirty-somethings, we make decisions about footwear and such things based more on comfort than fashion.

We were talking about it because I opted for the more sensible shoes I bought to wear to The Boy I Currently Like's Better-Looking Friend's wedding this past weekend. I somehow managed to keep them on until we left the wedding and got back to the hotel (but before we went to see AVV's sweet new crib). It was painful -- I honestly thought I might not make it back to the hotel, but The Boy I Currently Like kept encouraging me, and we made it. The thing is, if I'd gone for the shoes I really liked -- the sexy peep toes with the embellishment -- I might not have even made the two-three block walk to the wedding. I still think the shoes I wore were cute enough. And I will wear them again.

Also while I was in Madison this weekend, I lamented to The Boy a number of times about the fact that my new bra failed to arrive before we left, and I was left to wear my old bras while we were out and about.

See, when we went on Girls' Weekend a month ago, Urbanwanderlust was singing the praises of her new bra. I decided to see if it was all she claimed it was, so I ordered a Le Mystere Dream Tisha Bra shortly thereafter. Normally, I'm dubious of anything Oprah endorses. However, she recommended the only sport bra I will ever wear again, so I kinda trust her when it comes to matters of a mammary nature.

I ordered two because I was unsure about the size and also because it was buy-one-get-one-half-off. These bras aren't cheap -- $69 is a lot of money. The sport bra went up to $65, but I wear that thing several days a week. A few bucks more for a bra I will wear for most of the day and on most days ... I could justify it.

Because I'm some sort of idiot, I got the idea in my head that this bra would change my life. It's just a fucking bra, for Christ's sake. Still, when it arrived and I tried it on, I was underwhelmed. There would be no life change. I honestly wasn't sure which one fit or whether I'd keep either.

Something made me opt to wear it the following day, though (in my normal size). I'm so glad I did. I really do love this bra. It lifts and separates (a change for me, as I'm more of a cleavage girl) and I swear I feel the need to sit up a little straighter. I think my tops fit ... well? I like the way things look with the bra. There's no drooping or need to adjust while I'm sitting in my chair. That was one of the things I was complaining about in Madison. The Le Mystere has spoiled me. But it's not sexy. It comes in three colors (actually only two in my size). So you know it's a good bra. That is how you know it is a foundation garment.

So yeah, I'm a grown up and shit. I enjoy wearing ugly bras (there will still be a need for uncomfortable, cleavagey, sexy bras ... just much less of a need). Not everything about being an adult is terrible (though, spending the money kinda sucks).

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