25 August 2011

They have to learn some time.

Last night I went to the Aveda Institute to get a manicure and pedicure. It wasn't terrible, but honestly, I could have done the manicure part better myself. In fact, I'd deem it shitty and wouldn't pay for something like this ever again, now that I've looked again at my nails.

Thankfully, they sent me home with the polish they used (a sparkly red the manicurist deemed "sassy'), so I can fix them up tomorrow before the wedding.

To make matters worse, I totally over-tipped, because those girls were hovering while I paid. I hate when I do that. But I suppose there are worse things than giving an extra five or six bucks (total). After work yesterday, I felt like I'd crammed a full week of work into three days, and math wasn't what I needed to be doing.

I think I'll be sticking to just massages at the institute from now on. Oh well.

Now, I'm just waiting on the mailman to get here with my sweet new bra. I didn't think it would make it today. Of course, the mailman would normally have been here by now if I wasn't waiting for something. Curse you, cosmos!

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