01 August 2011


1. I love cooking while watching Two Fat Ladies. It makes me happy for some reason.

2. New Neighbor had her blinds up and windows open when I went to take my trash out. She has no living room furniture, as far as I can tell. Just an elliptical machine. Weird? Also, the dude in her kitchen appeared to be wearing some sort of old-timey wrap around his head, a la crazy old timey toothache. You don't get much of a view when you're walking past, below the windows and you only sneak a peek.

3. My bug bites must have had some sort of delayed itch reaction. They really didn't bother me much at all yesterday, but today they have been ridiculous. I'm all full of itchy red welts.

4. I am unreasonably excited for the tomatoes coming in this week's CSA box. Especially for someone who hated tomatoes for most of her life. I will be eating some grilled cheese with tomato and bacon and BLTs (probably with avocado ... also probably avocado on the grilled cheese).

5. There are smashed mosquitoes on a couple of walls in my apartment, as a warning to the others who dare venture in here.

5. At one point, I had more ideas, but they seem to be gone. Or maybe I'm tired. Or maybe my book is calling to me.

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