08 August 2011

Maybe I overreacted a bit.

Today wasn't so terrible. It sure didn't seem like it was going to be when it started. And I don't know if it was actually as okay as it felt, but I got work done and started the New Guy on some work, so ... If he shows up tomorrow, I'll consider today a success.

I was in a super-good mood for a good half the day, but by the time I did my errands and went to the gym, I was pretty wiped out.

When I got home there were packages! I was hoping it was my new bra or my dresses, but it was just my Birchbox and my prescriptions. I'm really, really excited about this bra. Urbanwanderlust loves hers. I have this ridiculous idea that it will somehow change my life -- all my shirts will fit better, I'll look better, I'LL BE A NEW WOMAN! I kinda feel the same about the dresses, but I have no idea why I think they'll fit. The two other things I've purchased from Pinup Girl have fit wonderfully, save for in the boob area. Why on Earth do I think these dresses will be any different? My boobs haven't gotten any smaller. But! There will be a new bra! So, you see how this all works in my head.

I'm a crazy lady, you see.

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