09 August 2011

How is it only Tuesday?

Man, fuck this week. It's just Tuesday? And neither my new bras nor my dresses have arrived yet? The Pizza Luce Block Party isn't until Saturday? Damn, you guys.

At least yoga was good. I stuck it out despite an unfamiliar instructor and was pleasantly surprised. Despite the fact that my left wrist is in bad shape because I unwisely tried to flip my dog. I knew I shouldn't do it, and I did it anyway. Because I am an idiot and now my wrist is even more fucked up than it was before. I finished class, though!

And I got my new computer at work today! I'm going to be hella productive now. I just know it. The new computer will be to work what my new bra will be to the rest of my life -- it will change everything.

Yes, I know I'm crazy. So what?

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