15 July 2011

Workin' for the weekend.

Busy Fridays suck. I mean, I didn't have any meetings or anything, but I worked my ass off all goddamn day and didn't get to let up, save for trivia time. That's bullshit. Fridays should be low-key, duck out early, screw-around days.

This would have been a most excellent Friday for me to get to leave early, as The Boy I Currently Like has family in town and is busy. I could have left early and gone to the gym. Or gone drinking. Or something. As it happened, I hit the bank and Target and then went to see the Physical Therapist and her wee baby. That was delightful -- don't get me wrong. I've not had any alone time with the Physical Therapist in ages and the wee baby is delightful. She seems to like TV a lot already. I like her!

So, I've reached the point where a weekend without The Boy doesn't freak me out at all. In fact, I kinda welcomed it. Truth be told, I was totally okay when he went camping, too, last month. I adore him and love hanging out with him. But now that a weekend all to myself is a bit more rare, I enjoy it a whole lot more.

Of course, there won't be much going on this weekend. Well, I'm sure there will be stuff going on. However, it's supposed to be roughly a million degrees all weekend, so I don't see myself doing many things that involve the outdoors. W and I are going to see HP7.5 tomorrow. I'm crazy fucking excited about that. Otherwise, I'm going to spend a lot of time on my couch, close to the AC, moving as little as possible.

Yay summer!

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