04 July 2011


I guess it's good I'm not really into fireworks, since I had to work today. Don't get me wrong -- I enjoy the hell out of the Fourth of July. It's summer, there's drinking and a day off work. What isn't to love? Here I was going to write something about ... forced? ridiculous? overt? garish? I don't know what to call it, but it's kind of an objectionable amount of false or forced patriotism.

But whatever. It's cool.

The Boy I Currently Like and I hung out two times this weekend. And it wasn't because I was afraid of a mouse in my apartment. It was because he wanted to do it! It's exciting and stuff. Did I mention I have a toothbrush at his house now? I know.

So yeah ... I thought I had more to say, but I used my brain today, working for five hours. I'm going to veg out and watch TV or possibly read and maybe drink some wine and gird myself for a short work week. God, I fucking hope they've fixed the air conditioning. I'm useless when it's 82 degrees in the office.

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