09 July 2011

Too hot. Can't breathe.

Yeesh. It is gross out there. As far as I can tell, it's been roughly 86.5 degrees all day. It was 86 when The Boy I Currently Like and I finally got up today and according to my Weather Channel desktop thing, it's 87 now. And it's 67 percent humidity. EW.

I had plans with Law Talkin' Gal this evening, but she was feeling ill because of the poor air quality. I was thinking about heading to Nordeast for a bonfire with the GTs, but KayGee called and I ended up meeting her and The Prison Librarian at The Herkimer for dinner and drinks. We were going to hang out on the deck after, but it's so still out there tonight, we figured we'd be eaten alive by mosquitoes.

There's really nothing exciting to say. I managed to pawn off some lettuce and cabbage on KayGee and the Prison Librarian. My coworker with whom I split the CSA box was out yesterday and is out next week. I have so many fucking vegetables -- that lettuce and cabbage I gave them were the third iteration of that vegetable I had. Honest to Christ, it's ridiculous. But healthy! I'mma cook up some broccoli and cauliflower tomorrow. Wheeee! I'm not allowed to go to the Uptown Market tomorrow. Well, maybe I can just walk through ...

Ugh. I'm getting tired. Up way tooo late last night and I slept pretty craptastically. I should really settle down to get to bed.

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