14 July 2011

Switchin' it up.

In an effort to clear myself some space in the fridge and, you know, eat the vegetables I get from my CSA box, I made fried quinoa tonight. That's right -- quinoa, not rice. Exciting, no? With it being a complete protein and all, I didn't even need meat. Tastes pretty good, but for some reason, I just can't get my quinoa to be dry enough to work really well for fried rice.

One really bad thing about CSA season is that my trash fucking REEKS to high heaven every few days. I'm always taking barely-full bags of trash out. It ain't right. If I had a bigger freezer, I'd freeze all of those vegetable scraps to use to make stock at a later date. But my fridge/freezer isn't even regular-sized.

As is the case with most Thursday nights, I had all kinds of things I was going to write about, or wanted to write about, or considered writing about. However, I'm usually wiped out on Thursdays, and this one is no different. So I can't remember any of it. Such is life.


Willow said...

Have you thought about compost? Or at least putting veggie remnants in counter top composter which has filters. Then dumping that into the garbage when it's full.
You could get a small worm bin to deal with your veggie extra's.
Holler and we can discuss.

Jess said...

I have considered it, but my lilliputian kitchen is holding me back.

But yes, let's discuss!