17 July 2011

So. Freakin'. Hot.

And steamy. It's only 93 degrees right now. Though, with the heat index, it feels like 107 (down from 109 an hour or so ago). It's gross out there. It's been gross out there. When I got up this morning, my kitchen and living room windows were fogged up and full of condensation. When I go outside, my sunglasses fog up.

Possibly like an idiot, I walked to the gym this morning. It was 87 (felt like 99) when I left. I thought I would be exhausted by the time I go there, but I managed an hour of pretty good cardio. Then I decided to walk to the grocery store and hit the Uptown Market on the way home. Kinda dumb. Those last three blocks seemed to take forever. I was so hot and so tired, I just wanted to lay down for a while. It took me well more than an hour to cool down after getting home and showering, and I still don't feel quite right. I've got a fucking headache. I should probably drink more water.

There are clouds rolling in and it is getting awfully dark in my living room, but I don't want to turn on any lights, so I gave up on reading to write this-here blog post and to do some work. I'm waiting to do laundry or anything resembling cooking until it starts to get dark. Or maybe after the thunderstorms come through and cool things off a bit.

Kinda bummed I'm missing the Bastille Day Block Party, but it's just too goddamn hot to be drinking beer outside. I did that one year, when it wasn't quite as hot, and I was home drunk and asleep by like, 8:00.

I'm going to stop here. I still have work to do and my laptop battery will start to get hot. And we don't need any extra heat up in this bitch.

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