23 July 2011

Ratcheting up the nerdiness.

Look, I was no nerd slouch before I started hanging out with The Boy I Currently Like. My Star Wars and Harry Potter nerdiness were probably enough to cover the apparently glaring holes in my overall nerd cred.

However, since The Boy and I have been hanging out, he's really been working -- and succeeding -- at turning me into an even bigger nerd. I'm reading fantasy books. I'm reading comics. I'm watching Battlestar fucking Galactica.

The thing is, none of it has been pulling teeth. He tells me about a book, I take, read it and love it. He gives me some comics. I take them, read them, love them and can't wait for more. He starts me watching Game of Thrones. I love it. Cannot wait for the next season. I take the books. I read them and I'm totally into them. I had a few moments hanging out with him last night where I wished I was reading.

Fortunately, I don't think he's created a monster. Yet. I mean, yeah, I've had some moments wishing I was reading the books he gave me while hanging out with him. Other than that, though, I doubt I'll be going out on my own to find more nerd stuff. Why bother, when someone will bring it right to me?

In other news, I'm sure you've heard that Amy Winehouse has died. I'm not shocked -- I can't imagine anyone is. Still, it's a goddamn fucking shame. I've got "Back to Black" on right now and I'm wearing a shitload of winged black eyeliner in tribute. I hope you've found peace, Amy.


Emily said...

I can relate to this oh so very much.


Jess said...

Other than The Boy not being that much of a Star Trek fan, the only difference was that I saw Serenity/Firefly before Battlestar Galactica.