02 July 2011

Oh, hello long weekend.

I woke up yesterday thinking it was Thursday. Didn't take me long to realize it was Friday and I was fucking delighted, especially since on Wednesday I was thinking it felt like Thursday. Of course, with this being a long weekend, things will feel even more fucked up tomorrow. And I welcome it!

Despite leaving The Boy I Currently Like's place way late today (we watched Inception -- it was good), I feel like I've gotten some stuff done today. I ran over to see the GTs to get a sourdough starter and deliver some Bull Run coffee. I did laundry. I cleaned a few things. I watched the Twins blow a 7-0 lead. I'm reading and watching The Empire Strikes Back. Not too shabby.

Coffee aside: if you've never tried Bull Run coffee, I highly suggest you get over to these parts and visit their shop on 34th and Lyndale. We had it last year at Girls' Weekend and when I heard they opened up a shop just down the street, I had to stop by. Since I really only make coffee at home one day per week (whatever weekend day I'm not waking up at The Boy's house and drinking tea), it lasted a while. But I was out last week and too lazy/tired/pressed for time to make it the just-more-than-one-block there. I got some Caribou French Roast at Rainbow and, well, compared to Bull Run, it tasted like ass. I'm ruined forever on this ridiculously good coffee. I'll still drink the (relatively) shitty office coffee during the week, but on the weekend, I fucking deserve more. Anyway, it's the best coffee I've ever had.

So ... where was I? Not even sure. The rest of the weekend is a bit of a mystery. The Boy and I are maybe supposed to go to a friend's family's cabin for some big thing, but I don't really know more and I understand it's something of a surprise, so I really can't say more. Whether that happens or not, I should be able to get to the gym and the Uptown Market, though, I'm not sure what I might need from the market. I'm kind of awash in CSA produce, but if I see something I like, I shall make room for it.

Unfortunately, there might be some work on the horizon for me this weekend as well. But that's probably Monday, so why even bother to think about it? Sounds like there's a good chance The Boy and I will hang out tomorrow regardless of whether we do it in St. Paul or on a lake. Though, honestly, the later sounds pretty freakin' awesome. The Boy is pretty freakin' awesome, as well, so whatever we do will be delightful. I feel bad, 'cause I was fucking exhausted last night, so I feel like I need to make up for my lack of ... whatever.

There is also cleaning and cooking to do before Tuesday, but at this point, I'm going to enjoy going to bed whenever my eyes can no longer focus on my book. I'm going to enjoy the hell out of my clean sheets and I'm going to get up when I wake up tomorrow.

Based on what I've been hearing thus far, I'm also going to be awoken in the wee hours by my neighbors shooting off fireworks that sound like fucking bombs. USA! USA! USA!

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