12 July 2011

Makeup! Part Deux.

I went to Smart and Chic Beauty Lounge in lovely Northeast Minneapolis this evening for a Bring Your Own Makeup (BYOM) class. Sound familiar? It might, 'cause I did it before, not that long ago.

This time, I went with my sister, her friend, Urbanwanderlust, Tiger Beat Poet and a friend of the lovely Ms. U.Wanderlust. Once again, it was fun and enlightening. I did some crazy dramatic eye makeup, as you'll see below. I learned a couple of neat tricks along the way.

Probably I should have done some work tonight when I got home, but I ran over to Pizza Luce to get a slice for super-late dinner. I didn't get to eat before I left for the class, as I had to pack up my makeup and had to call the bank, because I fucking forgot my debit card in an ATM. Mother. Fucker. I'm not sure how I could have done something so goddamn motherfucking stupid. I mean, I'm forgetful, but not about shit like that. Yet here I am. I'm ashamed and pissed.

I need to do a dish (dishes, really, but I only need one for tomorrow). I should have cooked up some rice or quinoa so I can make fried rice/fried quinoa tomorrow night to use up some more of my CSA veggies, but that'll have to get done in the morning or something. Too much shit to do and it's too late to do any of it.

Enjoy some shitty pictures of my crazy dark eye makeup.

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