03 July 2011

Doing the things I said I was going to do.

I am amazing! I am doing all the things I said I'd do today. And maybe more. But probably not more. That would be silly.

Despite sleeping until 10:00, I managed to drink some of my Bull Run coffee, go to the gym, hit Penzeys, the grocery store and the Uptown Market.

The last item on that list was awfully disappointing. It's supposed to be about five blocks long. I never saw it fill all five blocks last year, but they'd get out to about four blocks. Today, it was about a block and a half. Perhaps it was light due to the holiday. I don't know. This was the first chance I'd had to go this year. I'd be bummed if this was all it was going to be the rest of the summer. I still managed to buy some onions what I thought was one large, lovely head of lettuce. Turned out to be two smaller heads, but still lovely.

I even got my cleaning done! Or, I've made it less disgusting and dusty in here than it was. I definitely need to take another run at it sooner rather than later. The windows in this place are a joke. So much fucking dirt and dust gets in all the time. Oh well. I feel less gross now.

Since I'm heading over to hang out with The Boy I Currently Like in the near future (we're apparently not doing that thing involving the secret, but I think it's still a secret), I'll have to wait until tomorrow to make my rhubarb compote and balsamic strawberries. I'll be cooking anyway (pork chops in the crock pot) to have something for lunch for the week, so I might as well do it all together.

So, yeah.


Anonymous said...

i so envy you your Penzey's. catalog shopping just isn't the same . . . . .


Jess said...

It can be a bit overwhelming going in there, though. It's like Sephora -- I love makeup and I want so much stuff there, but when I actually go into the store, I don't even know what to do.

Still, I could spend hundreds of dollars every time I go into Penzeys. But I don't. I know I can always go back and their shit is so reasonably priced that I doubt I'd actually ever come close to spending $100.