31 July 2011

Back to reality.

Girls' Weekend 2011 is over. Despite the fact that I had a lovely time, I was very glad to get back to Minneapolis and my apartment and all my stuff.

I'm sunburned, full of bug bites and pretty tired. However, spending time on a lovely lake, with lovely views with lovely friends made it all worth it.

We went to High Banks Resort on the shores of Lake Winnibigoshish. I think internets research told us that Lake Winnie, as the locals call it, is the fourth largest lake in Minnesota. We could see, faintly, the other side. It got rough around 4:00 on both Friday and Saturday. It was weird. Bottom line -- I would totally recommend a visit to High Banks Resort. The prices were reasonable, the cabins lovely and they make a darn good Bloody Mary. Plus -- DOGS! There were dogs running around for the petting the whole time we were there. It was awesome.

The only real bad thing was the mouse in the cabin when we returned from our trip to Target in Grand Rapids. I didn't even have to see it -- the Brave Erin and Jen captured Stuart Little and released him to the wild. We didn't see anything else, but I barely slept last night. Such is life in the woods, I guess.

My laundry is done and I am clean. I have enough leftovers for two days worth of lunch, which is nice. I had time to do some cooking tonight, but I'm glad I got to mostly chill. 'Cause it's Shark Week, y'all. The one with actual sharks on the Discovery channel. Not the one that makes my life miserable.

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