14 June 2011

Yay Internets!

I managed to sell my Rock the Garden ticket pretty quickly via Craigslist. And I made it through the experience entirely unscathed. I mean, as far as I can tell. I was really hoping to sell it to someone I knew or someone cool who read my blog or followed me on Twitter or whatever. I don't know that this dude isn't cool. I'll just go ahead and imagine he is.

Oh, but I'm not just selling tickets. I'm buying tickets, too. I'm supposed to go to the Twins game tomorrow tonight with KayGee, Law Talkin' Gal and her Doctor Friend. The 'rents and my nephew will be there, too.

However, it's supposed to rain tomorrow. Like, all day. The game tonight was rained out. But two rain outs in a row? That feels like it's not going to happen. So we might have to sit there and be miserable. Oh well. There's a bar near where our seats are and our seats are covered, I believe (yay third deck!).

Even if tomorrow is shitty, it's supposed to be lovely Saturday for Rock the Garden and Friday for a possible visit to Como Zoo with The Boy. Yay!

What else? I seem to have a burst blood vessel in my right eye. It's dead sexy, y'all. And I cannot figure out how it happened.

That feels like enough for tonight.

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