16 June 2011

Where I fail to get to the gym.

I had good intentions. Really, I did. But I got out of work late, had to go to Target, got stuck in traffic, then I had to come home to put my contacts in as I forgot them at home this morning. Of course, I burned the toast I was making to have as a pre-workout snack. By that time, I'd succumbed to the couch.

Dammit all to hell. I even had gotten my new sport bra yesterday and managed to strap myself into it. Sadly, it was more expensive this time around. Still, it's probably now the best $65 I've ever spent. I should have gotten a new one sooner, because once I strapped myself into the new one, I realized what a difference it makes. I remember, once again, what I would look like with a breast reduction.

So yeah, I didn't get to the gym. I thought it would be okay if I got some shit done around the house. However, that didn't seem to be happening. I'm not entirely sure what finally got my ass off the couch, but I DID get up and made a rhubarb compote, which turned out perfectly sans recipe. I just threw about two cups of chopped rhubarb in a saucepan and turned on the burner. I added an indeterminate amount of sugar -- a little bit, then some more, then a little more and then just a touch more. Finally I squeezed some lemon juice in and just let it cook for a while. When I tried it, holy wow. It was perfect! Yay me!

Oh, I also made a rhubarb and cherry brown betty. All thanks once again for that to Urbanwanderlust. I'm not sure I even really ate any last year when I made it and took it in to the office. But I shall this year.

Of course, I'm bringing it in on a day I intend to leave early. The Boy I Currently Like and I are going to try to go to Como Zoo tomorrow. I've got some sort of convoluted plan to maybe bring what's left with me and take it home for Father's Day. That likely won't work. But at least I don't feel like I am wasting all that rhubarb. So there's that. Also, tomorrow is Friday. Then Saturday is Rock the Garden. And Sunday I get to see my favorite dog. Not bad, I suppose.

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