01 June 2011

Wednesday weirdness.

Okay, so none of this is really all that weird. But that sounded nice as a title.

I finished work at 10:15! I'm totally excited. I even got to take a two-hour break to go to the gym in there. I'm hoping against hope that I leave on time tomorrow. I'm also daring to hope that I might get to leave early on Friday.

Came home from the gym to find -- just barely -- signs indicating there was to be no parking on my street. I turned around with the intention of parking on the other side of the street and saw one different sign. Still no parking, but no parking Monday through Friday on this block. I went to the end of the block and turned east and finally found a non-signed block. At least on the south side. The next block east, however, had signs on the south side.

I tried to read what was on the signs. Even getting up close wasn't helpful. It appears the ones on my side of the street say "Concrete Idea" with a Northwest suburbs phone number. The signs across the street don't have a phone number or anything written on them. These signs are placed really haphazardly. Across the street there are only two signs -- one on the north side and one on the south. There are maybe three on my side. Not the way the city normally does it.

Whatever ... I assume there's some legitimate purpose, as there is a ton of spray-painted shit on the sidewalks and wee flags marking buried cable. I'm just super-confused as to what it is all about.

Also, I noticed Subway's new commercials touting their avocado on sandwiches. They claim avocado is super-flavorful (not their exact words, but close). Look, I LOVE avocado, but it isn't terribly flavorful on its own.

The avocado in the commercials looks a bit like guacamole. That is flavorful. But Subway does not call it guac in the commercials. It's all very strange and confusing.

See, I told you. None of this was really weird. Sorry for disappointing y'all.

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