21 June 2011

Take that, state government shutdown.

Despite the fact that I've yet to get my license tab renewal paperwork in the mail, I've successfully renewed by tabs before the state government shut down.

I consider this especially noteworthy for two reasons: 1) I always use my 10-day grace period to get my tabs (they expire on the last day of the month, but you get 10 days before you get a ticket); and 2) Despite the fact that my tabs expire in July, I've yet to get my renewal notice in the mail.

So I renewed online tonight and my tabs (and new plates!) should arrive in the mail within a week, also before our state government shuts down. That is the only thing that I know for sure will have any major impact on my life, should this government shutdown happen.

Sure, The Boy I Currently Like had been talking about going camping at a Minnesota state park and that won't happen if the government is shut down, but he's not really done much to make that happen. Possibly/probably because of the impending shut down.

It is too late and my brain is too fried to get into the specifics of the shutdown, but I'm glad I go my ass in gear and made sure I won't get a ticket for expired tabs.


Anonymous said...

I renewed around the same time, received nothing, and have now received 7 tickets and counting. I'm sure they will be overturned, but in the meantime, this is extremely annoying.

Jess said...

When did your tabs expire? I've always been under the impression that there's a 10-day grace period that extends into the following month, so you shouldn't have gotten a ticket until like, today if they expired in June.

Regardless, that sucks.

I really need to put my new plates on. I meant to do it yesterday, but it was so damn hot out I couldn't bear to be outside if it wasn't absolutely necessary.