20 June 2011

Stop trying to confuse her with half-truths and gorilla dust.

SHOCKING NEWS: Michele Bachmann is making shit up again.

Her campaign tweeted earlier today that Canada had no stimulus plan but their unemployment rate was 20 percent lower than the U.S.

Except taking FIVE FUCKING SECONDS to do a Google search will show you that Canada did indeed have an economic stimulus plan. Okay, maybe it took me five seconds because I knew what I was looking for -- I researched this a couple of months ago for a client at work. Maybe it would take even a couple of minutes, if you followed a couple of links (the one I chose is the fourth that comes back when you Google "canada AND economic stimulus").

But Michele Bachmann, or whoever is doing the tweeting for her campaign, doesn't have time to check facts before spouting off false nonsense. Why on Earth would anyone do such a thing?

This certainly isn't the first instance of her saying something stupid or crazy or just blatantly making shit up. Sometimes it's funny, but honestly, her candidacy kinda scares me sometimes. It's going to be a long campaign season.

I'm following her campaign on Twitter now. Because I hate myself.


Mimi C said...

Don't do it. You are going to drive yourself insane. Her facts are so bad that a 13 yr old challenged her to a debate.

Sigivald said...

I'm assuming that "20% lower" must mean "a rate that is the US rate less 20% of the RATE itself", rather than, as I initially read it "a rate that is the US rate in percent minus 20".

Because otherwise Canada would have to have, what -8% unemployment or so?

It would have been far clearer for her to say "a fifth as high".

Twitter destroys communication.

Jess said...

I often start composing a tweet, and after editing it for five minutes, just give up because I cannot say things in that small amount of space.