06 June 2011

Like water off a duck's back.

That's how I'm treating today's work frustrations. I'm pretty sure it's because Chicken Little isn't around, because I did manage to get pretty goddamn frustrated for a while. Yet here I am, not stressing and NOT WORKING AT HOME.

There's not much I can do about it when the client tells us one thing and some other dude comes along 10 days later and says, "Yeah, no, that's totally wrong." Not my money, so that's cool. What else can I do? Quite frankly, it makes my job a bit easier, because I know there's nothing out there.

Worked sucked because it was so fucking hot in the office. It was 90-some degrees today and it's always warm on Mondays in summer. I turned the temp down and shut the blinds before I left in preparation for tomorrow's 97 degrees. The delightful thing about the weather? It's supposed to be 30 degrees cooler on Thursday.

So, I'm not in a horrible mood. In fact, I'm in a pretty good mood. The last time I felt good on a Monday, that shit was dashed on Tuesday, but I'm thinking without Chicken Little, I should get at least one day of reprieve. I'm wiped out, though. Probably due to the heat. I should get to bed a decent hour tonight ... Ha! Good luck with that, sucker.

I feel like there were other things I was going to mention ... OH! I know. I had so much extra time tonight, I added two -- count 'em, TWO! -- posts over at That's not a parking spot, Asshole. Exciting!

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