12 June 2011

Expensive does not always = good.

The Boy I Currently Like did not care for the fancy ass jamón ibérico de bellota. It did definitely have a unique flavor to it. And it was possibly a bit dry in texture, after sitting sliced in paper in the fridge for nearly 48 hours.

And I'm not gonna lie -- I thought the flavor on its own was probably an acquired taste. It was fucking delightful with that cheese I bought, though. The Boy had one bite and that was it. I'm not gonna lie -- I was a little ... I'm not sure annoyed is the word I was going for; maybe disappointed. I don't know. It just sucks that I spent $25 on something that he had one bite of and that was it.

Still, it just goes to show you (as if I needed more examples) that just because something is expensive doesn't mean it will be delicious or useful or whatever.

Aside from that, the weekend was pretty good. Law Talkin' Gal and I went to the new Psycho Suzi's last night. It was the same food and drinks, but a much bigger venue and with a crazy huge fucking crowd. I think it would be great to go on a Saturday afternoon or a week night to maybe get a spot on the patio, to watch the river.

Today was M&S's local wedding reception. It was fun. Save for the fact that The Boy had a panic attack before we went. He recovered enough to go there, but he left early. I could tell he was distressed the minute I walked in the door. He recovered enough in short order that we could go, but we weren't there terribly long before he had to leave. I feel terrible that he had a panic attack and that he went and didn't have a good time. However, he was able to walk home from the venue. And I gave him an out on Friday. I mean, I appreciate that he tried. People were glad to see him. But I feel terrible about putting him in a situation that made him feel bad.

My afternoon drinking has left me only able to do my laundry. I couldn't really cook anything for the week as I have a stir fry sitting in the fridge that I made late last week. I'm going to have to have a night this week where I do some cooking. But it might be baking some salmon fillets and roasting some vegetables. I DON'T KNOW.

Also -- I finally looked at the mouse poison I put down two weeks ago when The Boy came over and helped me put my air conditioner in. IT HAD BEEN CONSUMED. I guess I just had the other two baits in the wrong place. And I'm not crazy. While I'm totally creeped out, I feel better knowing the bait has been consumed.

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