05 June 2011

Dog-petting, outdoor drinking and cooking.

Despite the fact that The Boy I Currently Like was away camping this weekend with Fat Mike the Gangsta and The Boy I Currently Like's Better-Looking Friend, I managed to stay occupied, have some fun and not miss him too terribly.

Things were not looking good on Friday, however. Though, The Boy found some program that allowed him to set up e-mails with awesome dog pictures that were sent to me every hour, all day. You can have your flowers and jewelry and other stock romantic bullshit. This is my kind of romance. Goddamn, he's good.

I needed those hourly doggie pictures, too, because Friday was less than awesome. But that's the story of my job, no? I'm not even going to get into it, except to say Chicken Little somehow managed to fuck my day up royally despite being out of the office through Tuesday. That motherfucker.

But there were dog pictures! And then when I finished work, I went to W&J's house to hang out with them and their awesome dogs. It was a really lovely evening. We sat outside and talked and laughed at the dogs and ate and I felt so much better after I was there for a little bit. I'm so lucky to have friends who can erase a bad week in ... well, minutes, really. It probably wasn't even a full hour before I felt immensely better.

Saturday was good, too. I didn't get to the nephew's basketball tournament, but I made it to my goddaughter's. I really need to be around more for her. Sounds like her first couple of weeks as a teenager have been kinda rough. After her game I ran a bunch of errands, which included getting shoes for S&M's wedding reception last weekend. I'm super-stoked that I managed to get a cute-ish Old Navy casual dress I can wear and not feel too casual, nor too dressed up. YAY!

However, Saturday was just getting started. I honestly felt like it should be about 6:00 when I got home from errands at 3:00. I must have gotten up early. I spent the next several hours, from about 4:00 to 10:00, enjoying patios and rooftop decks and gin and tonics with Law Talkin' Gal and Macho Man. HOLY FUCKING SHIT. It was so lovely. It was 80ish, not humid, maybe a bit windy, but not a cloud in the sky. It was that one day I wait for every year that makes me say, "This is why I live in Minneapolis. Today, sitting on this patio, drinking a gin and tonic." That day came so late this year. But at least it finally happened.

Today was less awesome, but not fully terrible. I did a lot of stuff -- went to the gym, did laundry, worked (unfortunately), watched my Bee Gees Biography show, watched the Twins win, made (chicken) andouille with collard greens and grits (cheesy polenta) and read on the deck for a bit.

Had I not worked today I might have faced the week refreshed and renewed. But I didn't get enough done, so I'm already stressing about this week. I didn't get enough done because I'm so fucking burned out that I it takes me twice as long to do something on the weekend as it probably should. I need a fucking day off so bad. That's not coming any time soon, though.

BUT! Good news! Thursday is the first CSA day of the year. I'm so fucking excited. That's something. And I get to hang out with The Boy this weekend. There's the wedding reception and possibly other stuff. Looks like the weather will be shitty (60s? REALLY?) this weekend, so I'm glad I soaked up some sun this weekend.

Now, I'm going to watch the Mavs hopefully come back and win this shit and watch The Killing and just fucking chill the rest of the night.

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Anonymous said...

you're right, the Boy is GOOD . . . . . ;-)