09 June 2011


Tomorrow night, The Boy I Currently Like and I are going to eat ridiculously expensive ham. Before we even met, The Boy I Currently Like's Better Looking Friend blogged about Jamón ibérico, which is Spanish ham made from hogs who eat mostly acorns. It's apparently quite the delicacy.

It's also stupid expensive. I've wanted to try it, because I loves me some pork products. But I have serious problem paying crazy amounts of money for pork products, because I don't generally pay for pork. I know the hogs on the farm aren't fed acorns, but still ...

My neighborhood fancy liquor store/cheese shop may or may not have Jamón ibérico for like, $100 per pound. That sounds INSANE, right? But when The Boy sent me a link from France 44 offering their normally $65 per half pound Jamón ibérico for $50 per half pound, I thought it seemed reasonable. Mostly because I happened to have a gift card to France 44.

So, I went yesterday and bought ridiculously expensive Spanish ham. They only had a quarter pound left, so that's what I got. I also bought an insanely delicious Spanish cheese to go with it. Honestly, The Boy is lucky he'll get to eat any of it, because that was the cheese of my dreams. Holy shit. I still had plenty of cash left, though! Or gift card cash. So I bought fancy preserves and wine.

I won't know until tomorrow if the Jamón ibérico is worth the price, but if it is and you buy a small amount (the quarter pound package I have in the fridge seems like a shitload of meat right now), it's really not that crazy. The cheese, at $14 for a half pound, seems fully reasonable. Oh my God, it's taking everything I have to not eat that cheese right now.

Look for news later about the fancy ham!

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