23 June 2011

Damn you, West Coast road trips.

I should really be in bed right now. It's only Wednesday, and I've woken up exhausted every day this week. But the Twins are playing in San Francisco and it's a close game, so how can I go to bed? Last night, after the eight-run first inning, sure, it was easy to go to bed early. But tonight? Not so much.

Had I not decided to succumb to the first Game of Thrones book, I might have been able to get to bed earlier. But I started reading it at the gym and there wasn't anything in particular I needed to do tonight, so why not read? I've been watching the series with The Boy I Currently Like and was hesitant to start reading the books. But now that I know I'll be watching the season finale soon and will have months without it, I figure reading the books will be okay. I should be able to get them all read by the time the second seasons starts.

Not really sure why I started. Tomorrow night is the NBA draft, and with the Wolves having the second pick and rumours flying about trades (and Kurt Rambis's firing), I'm going to be all up in that shit tomorrow night.

Then Friday is the Uptown Pride Block Party, and last I heard, The Boy I Currently Like's Better Looking Friend is to be in town and we're supposed to be going to a party at Fat Mike tha Gangsta's house to meet his fiancée.

When will I get to read my book? WHEN? This is why I never should have started. Oh well. I'm going to tear myself away and go to bed now. I think. I hope. Stay tuned tomorrow to my possible half-assed live-blogging of the draft. I should really go to the gym, but it's the draft! And things might happen!

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