27 June 2011

Back to the grind.

Oh, I had such a lovely, boozy weekend. There were Pride festivities Friday and a party to meet The Boy I Currently Like's Better Looking Friend's fiancee. And of course, to hang out with the rest of his lovely friends. Both were delightful and I drank a ton of wine.

I drank so much wine, in fact, that I barely drank any wine Saturday. But that might have also been due to the fact that The Boy brought me home late and I got home from running errands late and I had to do laundry and I was just fucking tired.

Thankfully I went to bed early, because I had to get up early to make it to the Pride parade. I loathe parades, but I went this year because it was important. Turns out, watching parades -- at least the Pride parade -- is fun if you have booze. Oh kids, I had booze yesterday. I drank for about eight hours and five different bars. I danced to Tiffany and wore a flower in my hair. It was very much fun. It was a lovely Pride and I'm so glad my friends wanted to share it with me.

So back to reality today. My Comcast/Xfinity sucktastic DVR is still doing it's thing. It says it recorded The Daily Show -- for 22 minutes. Turns out it stopped at 11 minutes. Yet, I still got a message saying the recording was finished at 10:30. Honest to Christ, you people.

A work deadline got bumped up by two days, so I made up the one hour and 15 minutes I lost when I left work early when I got back from my hair appointment/dinner with the 'rents/dog petting. I'd already juggled things around so I could meet this bumped up deadline and then had an e-mail from our idiot salesperson asking me for work late today that is needed tomorrow morning. God, I hate her so much. And she's all "Where are you?" I sent an e-mail to the team earlier today. Jesus.

Then there was a letter in the mail from our outside benefits administrator looking for documentation or some bullshit for the prescriptions I was forced to have rewritten and sent to the prescription provider THEY CHOSE FOR US, lest I have to pay three times as much for getting it at Walgreens. I don't even know what I'm supposed to send to them or what the fuck they are on about. Honest to fucking Christ, this has been such a huge pain in my ass. And it's costing me more money than in years past. Fuck you, you goddamn motherfucking assholes. I hate you so much.

Oh, and I'm somehow supposed to get out of work on time to go to the Twins game with coworkers tomorrow. I really don't want to eat $25. Yet going to watch a team on a horrible six-game losing streak when I should be working doesn't sound too appealing either.

But I got a sweet, fancy new phone. So there's that.

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