08 June 2011

An afternoon of hookey that wasn't.

We had a partial power outage at work today. Most of the light stayed on, but the network went down. The AC was off. The fridge seemed to stay on, but the microwave and toaster wouldn't work. My computer worked, I could even connect to the network for a while, but that ended. Even working with the wireless ended up being a fruitless effort.

So I went home. And I was going to work outside. Unfortunately, the sun was shining directly on the deck. I was working with a black laptop that absorbed heat surprisingly fast. And I couldn't change the brightness on the computer screen. It wasn't to be.

Yet, I still had the opportunity to finish work a bit early. The key word was "opportunity." It took more than an hour to send the thing to the client. That's bullshit, y'all.

Oh well. I have two fun facts for you tonight. First, I had to go through two gross toilets to get to a decent one at the gym tonight. Second, it's 30 degrees cooler right now tonight than it was last night. That's it. I got nothin'. Sorry.

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