30 June 2011

Horrible cable companies, horrible government and Thursday night cooking.

In continued DVR drama, my recording of The Daily Show ended two minutes into the show tonight. I don't think I was even recording anything else at the time. I'm in the process of composing a strongly worded letter to Comcast/Xfinity, as ComcastMike told me to do. I'm not sure when I last saw a full episode of TDS, quite honestly. I will raise motherfucking HELL if Louie didn't record.

The whole government shutdown thing is just too fucking frustrating and depressing to talk much about. The Prison Librarian is out of a job. Last I heard, Law Talkin' Gal's job was safe. It's fucking bullshit and that's about all I can say about it right now.

And the shit going down in Kansas makes me even more stabby. Words mostly fail me because this is so rage-inducing. I just ... fuck.

So Thursday night cooking. I mostly did it because I had to make room in the fridge for tomorrow's CSA bounty. I don't think I cleared enough space, though. I made rhubarb ginger crisp and fried rice with my green onions, garlic scapes, Napa cabbage, collard greens and Swiss chard. All the vegetables were from my CSA box for the fried rice (mixed white and brown ... I was augmenting the leftovers in the freezer while trying to use up stuff from the cupboard), but I thought I could use a bit of my frozen green beans and corn, to try to make a bit more room there. Turned out delicious. Score!

And now I'm getting sleepy. Tomorrow is a short day at work, thank you Jebus. Pretty sure I'm going to have to work over the weekend, but what can you do. Hanging out with The Boy I Like Tomorrow night. It's hot as balls here in the Minneapple (though, it's finally under 90 degrees!) and he only has AC in his bedroom. I'm a dreading it a little, but he's such delightful company that I don't really care.

I'm starting to babble, I think, so I'm going to sign off and watch TV or read or something.

29 June 2011

This counts as a post.

I fully intended to write something tonight. But I couldn't narrow down a topic. And I had to do some pedicure-y type things. And I really want to read A Game of Thrones.

So, sorry. This is all I got right now.

27 June 2011

Back to the grind.

Oh, I had such a lovely, boozy weekend. There were Pride festivities Friday and a party to meet The Boy I Currently Like's Better Looking Friend's fiancee. And of course, to hang out with the rest of his lovely friends. Both were delightful and I drank a ton of wine.

I drank so much wine, in fact, that I barely drank any wine Saturday. But that might have also been due to the fact that The Boy brought me home late and I got home from running errands late and I had to do laundry and I was just fucking tired.

Thankfully I went to bed early, because I had to get up early to make it to the Pride parade. I loathe parades, but I went this year because it was important. Turns out, watching parades -- at least the Pride parade -- is fun if you have booze. Oh kids, I had booze yesterday. I drank for about eight hours and five different bars. I danced to Tiffany and wore a flower in my hair. It was very much fun. It was a lovely Pride and I'm so glad my friends wanted to share it with me.

So back to reality today. My Comcast/Xfinity sucktastic DVR is still doing it's thing. It says it recorded The Daily Show -- for 22 minutes. Turns out it stopped at 11 minutes. Yet, I still got a message saying the recording was finished at 10:30. Honest to Christ, you people.

A work deadline got bumped up by two days, so I made up the one hour and 15 minutes I lost when I left work early when I got back from my hair appointment/dinner with the 'rents/dog petting. I'd already juggled things around so I could meet this bumped up deadline and then had an e-mail from our idiot salesperson asking me for work late today that is needed tomorrow morning. God, I hate her so much. And she's all "Where are you?" I sent an e-mail to the team earlier today. Jesus.

Then there was a letter in the mail from our outside benefits administrator looking for documentation or some bullshit for the prescriptions I was forced to have rewritten and sent to the prescription provider THEY CHOSE FOR US, lest I have to pay three times as much for getting it at Walgreens. I don't even know what I'm supposed to send to them or what the fuck they are on about. Honest to fucking Christ, this has been such a huge pain in my ass. And it's costing me more money than in years past. Fuck you, you goddamn motherfucking assholes. I hate you so much.

Oh, and I'm somehow supposed to get out of work on time to go to the Twins game with coworkers tomorrow. I really don't want to eat $25. Yet going to watch a team on a horrible six-game losing streak when I should be working doesn't sound too appealing either.

But I got a sweet, fancy new phone. So there's that.

23 June 2011

Thoughts from the 2011 NBA draft.

I have wine and I'm excited to get this shit under way. Let's go!

Christ almighty, this intro is overwrought. And it had to be expensive as shit. Fucking ESPN. *shakes head sadly*

David Stern getting booed right off the bat. Stay classy, New Jersey. Aha! He just shook his head a bit and said, "It's a good crowd." That's sarcasm, kids.


It's so freakin' cold today (62 degrees right now) that I'm going to have to put slippers on. That's some fucking bullshit, man.

Derrick Williams is a Timberwolf. For now. I liked what I saw of him in the NCAA tournament this year. His suit is pretty boring. It's no Wes Johnson last year. His shit was tight.

These hats are ugly as shit.

Sorry. The Boy I Currently Like called and I got distracted. My response to picks No. 4 and No. 5: WHO?

Also, Bill Wennington is Canadian?

Oooh, the player from the Czech Republic taken at No. 6 (Jan Vesely, by the Wizards) got a super-hot smooch from his lady friend. Thank you, for making this shit interesting.

How long will it be until I hear a name I recognize? I'm zoning out, looking at class at Como Zoo.

Brandon Knight! Hey, I've heard of him.

We're at the No. 9 pick and I've seen no particularly natty suits nor any mothers in ridiculous outfits. DRAFT FAIL.

I like Kemba Walker.

Fucking Jimmer Fredette. I hate him. I was really hoping he'd sit in that green room forever, just like Brady Quinn in that NFL draft a few years ago. That was absolutely delightful.

Hey! Former Gopher Mychal Thompson has made an appearance! His kid Klay was just drafted. Shit. He got out of college when I was four years old. I'm pretty sure I was at the Gopher game where his number was retired or he joined the Gophers hall of fame (do we have one of those?).

This draft is so fucking boring. I'm about to start reading.

The Morris twins appear to be the best-dressed players of the night thus far. And it's only because their suits are three-piece.

FINALLY! Kawhi Leonard (from San Diego State, taken by the Pacers) has a mildly interesting suit jacket -- white piping around the lapels and the matching pocket square.

Oh my god, finally a trade. Not involving the Wolves, oddly enough. It involves the Spurs, so it's extra boring.

Wolves take a European center that would have been a lottery pick last year, but he also apparently doesn't seem to care. Fran Frischilla struggled to find good things to say about him. Hope they're right about shipping him off.

I'm going to start reading now. This shit is boring as hell. I can't believe I skipped the gym to make sure I saw this.

A trade bringing Brad Miller to the Wolves? Noooooooooooooooooooo! And sure, Jonny Flynn has been a disappointment, but I like him, dammit.

I've heard more about large hands in this draft than I can ever recall hearing in any other draft.

That's it. I'm watching The Daily Show and reading Game of Thrones.

Damn you, West Coast road trips.

I should really be in bed right now. It's only Wednesday, and I've woken up exhausted every day this week. But the Twins are playing in San Francisco and it's a close game, so how can I go to bed? Last night, after the eight-run first inning, sure, it was easy to go to bed early. But tonight? Not so much.

Had I not decided to succumb to the first Game of Thrones book, I might have been able to get to bed earlier. But I started reading it at the gym and there wasn't anything in particular I needed to do tonight, so why not read? I've been watching the series with The Boy I Currently Like and was hesitant to start reading the books. But now that I know I'll be watching the season finale soon and will have months without it, I figure reading the books will be okay. I should be able to get them all read by the time the second seasons starts.

Not really sure why I started. Tomorrow night is the NBA draft, and with the Wolves having the second pick and rumours flying about trades (and Kurt Rambis's firing), I'm going to be all up in that shit tomorrow night.

Then Friday is the Uptown Pride Block Party, and last I heard, The Boy I Currently Like's Better Looking Friend is to be in town and we're supposed to be going to a party at Fat Mike tha Gangsta's house to meet his fiancée.

When will I get to read my book? WHEN? This is why I never should have started. Oh well. I'm going to tear myself away and go to bed now. I think. I hope. Stay tuned tomorrow to my possible half-assed live-blogging of the draft. I should really go to the gym, but it's the draft! And things might happen!

21 June 2011

Take that, state government shutdown.

Despite the fact that I've yet to get my license tab renewal paperwork in the mail, I've successfully renewed by tabs before the state government shut down.

I consider this especially noteworthy for two reasons: 1) I always use my 10-day grace period to get my tabs (they expire on the last day of the month, but you get 10 days before you get a ticket); and 2) Despite the fact that my tabs expire in July, I've yet to get my renewal notice in the mail.

So I renewed online tonight and my tabs (and new plates!) should arrive in the mail within a week, also before our state government shuts down. That is the only thing that I know for sure will have any major impact on my life, should this government shutdown happen.

Sure, The Boy I Currently Like had been talking about going camping at a Minnesota state park and that won't happen if the government is shut down, but he's not really done much to make that happen. Possibly/probably because of the impending shut down.

It is too late and my brain is too fried to get into the specifics of the shutdown, but I'm glad I go my ass in gear and made sure I won't get a ticket for expired tabs.

20 June 2011

While the names change, the song remains the same.

Xfinity, formerly known as Comcast, is doing a bang-up job with their new menu and whatever else they've done with our system here in Minneapolis.

Since the system change, I've lost space on my DVR. I can no longer turn the cable box off, because I might be recording something and the cable box must now remain on, lest my recordings not be recorded.

Best of all, about once a week, something I'm recording will just stop after a while. Like tonight's Daily Show. It stopped recording after four minutes, for no fucking reason. It seems to happen often with TDS. But it happened last night with Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1. It seems if I'm recording something and do anything at all with the TV or cable box, it's curtains for whatever is being recorded.

You can change your name, Comcast, but you still suck big hairy donkey balls.

Stop trying to confuse her with half-truths and gorilla dust.

SHOCKING NEWS: Michele Bachmann is making shit up again.

Her campaign tweeted earlier today that Canada had no stimulus plan but their unemployment rate was 20 percent lower than the U.S.

Except taking FIVE FUCKING SECONDS to do a Google search will show you that Canada did indeed have an economic stimulus plan. Okay, maybe it took me five seconds because I knew what I was looking for -- I researched this a couple of months ago for a client at work. Maybe it would take even a couple of minutes, if you followed a couple of links (the one I chose is the fourth that comes back when you Google "canada AND economic stimulus").

But Michele Bachmann, or whoever is doing the tweeting for her campaign, doesn't have time to check facts before spouting off false nonsense. Why on Earth would anyone do such a thing?

This certainly isn't the first instance of her saying something stupid or crazy or just blatantly making shit up. Sometimes it's funny, but honestly, her candidacy kinda scares me sometimes. It's going to be a long campaign season.

I'm following her campaign on Twitter now. Because I hate myself.

19 June 2011

Weekend in pictures.

Miracle of miracles, I got to take Friday afternoon off work. Of course, I took a half day of PTO instead of just leaving early with all the extra time I've worked. I've come to the realization that I will never get that time back. That's why I'm trying to minimize the amount of extra time I work. I don't get anything from it.

With my Friday afternoon off work, The Boy I Currently Like and I went to Como Zoo to look at some animals. And we saw some great animals.

There was a new baby bison born on Thursday!

The baby orangutan is probably more like a toddler now. But still ridiculously cute.

We didn't get to see the polar bears this time. They were hiding somewhere. So, we spent a lot more time watching the orangutans.

Saturday was Rock the Garden. It was rainy and wet and gross and really fucking crowded. I'd not been since the first year. It's only gotten more popular (despite the shitty line-ups), so it was pretty ridiculous. I was mostly going to see Neko Case, but the sound was shitty for her. It was a bit weird, because Booker T. Jones was loud as shit. And then Neko was too quiet. We left during My Morning Jacket, who were not nearly as amazing as I was led to believe they would be.

I doubt I'll go again.

People were using the port-a-potties in their bare feet. It was disgusting.

These brilliant moochers got to watch for free and didn't have to pay ridiculous amounts of money for beer and food.

Today I went down to the farm for Father's Day. I got to pet the dog and went through my old albums. As you can see, my love of love of Duran Duran's John Taylor dates back to 1984's Arena album.

Here's my favorite doggie in the whole wide world. She was delightful, as always.

It was a pretty darn good weekend. I'm exhausted, of course. But I had fun. Next weekend is offering more awesomeness. It's Pride weekend. The Boy I Currently Like's Better-Looking Friend and his fiancée are supposed to be coming to town. That's a lot of fun and drinking on the horizon. Should be enough to get me through the week.

16 June 2011

Where I fail to get to the gym.

I had good intentions. Really, I did. But I got out of work late, had to go to Target, got stuck in traffic, then I had to come home to put my contacts in as I forgot them at home this morning. Of course, I burned the toast I was making to have as a pre-workout snack. By that time, I'd succumbed to the couch.

Dammit all to hell. I even had gotten my new sport bra yesterday and managed to strap myself into it. Sadly, it was more expensive this time around. Still, it's probably now the best $65 I've ever spent. I should have gotten a new one sooner, because once I strapped myself into the new one, I realized what a difference it makes. I remember, once again, what I would look like with a breast reduction.

So yeah, I didn't get to the gym. I thought it would be okay if I got some shit done around the house. However, that didn't seem to be happening. I'm not entirely sure what finally got my ass off the couch, but I DID get up and made a rhubarb compote, which turned out perfectly sans recipe. I just threw about two cups of chopped rhubarb in a saucepan and turned on the burner. I added an indeterminate amount of sugar -- a little bit, then some more, then a little more and then just a touch more. Finally I squeezed some lemon juice in and just let it cook for a while. When I tried it, holy wow. It was perfect! Yay me!

Oh, I also made a rhubarb and cherry brown betty. All thanks once again for that to Urbanwanderlust. I'm not sure I even really ate any last year when I made it and took it in to the office. But I shall this year.

Of course, I'm bringing it in on a day I intend to leave early. The Boy I Currently Like and I are going to try to go to Como Zoo tomorrow. I've got some sort of convoluted plan to maybe bring what's left with me and take it home for Father's Day. That likely won't work. But at least I don't feel like I am wasting all that rhubarb. So there's that. Also, tomorrow is Friday. Then Saturday is Rock the Garden. And Sunday I get to see my favorite dog. Not bad, I suppose.

14 June 2011

Yay Internets!

I managed to sell my Rock the Garden ticket pretty quickly via Craigslist. And I made it through the experience entirely unscathed. I mean, as far as I can tell. I was really hoping to sell it to someone I knew or someone cool who read my blog or followed me on Twitter or whatever. I don't know that this dude isn't cool. I'll just go ahead and imagine he is.

Oh, but I'm not just selling tickets. I'm buying tickets, too. I'm supposed to go to the Twins game tomorrow tonight with KayGee, Law Talkin' Gal and her Doctor Friend. The 'rents and my nephew will be there, too.

However, it's supposed to rain tomorrow. Like, all day. The game tonight was rained out. But two rain outs in a row? That feels like it's not going to happen. So we might have to sit there and be miserable. Oh well. There's a bar near where our seats are and our seats are covered, I believe (yay third deck!).

Even if tomorrow is shitty, it's supposed to be lovely Saturday for Rock the Garden and Friday for a possible visit to Como Zoo with The Boy. Yay!

What else? I seem to have a burst blood vessel in my right eye. It's dead sexy, y'all. And I cannot figure out how it happened.

That feels like enough for tonight.

13 June 2011

Do you need a ticket for Rock the Garden?

Are all of your friends going to see Neko Case and My Morning Jacket at the Walker Sculpture Garden on Saturday? Are you feeling left out? Do not fret! I have a ticket for sale and you can buy it for what I paid for it -- $47.

I'd really rather it go to someone cool (and if you're reading my blog you're obviously cool) than some douche on Craigslist (which is my last resort).

If you want it, e-mail me at iwastoldtherewouldbebacon@gmail.com.

12 June 2011

Expensive does not always = good.

The Boy I Currently Like did not care for the fancy ass jamón ibérico de bellota. It did definitely have a unique flavor to it. And it was possibly a bit dry in texture, after sitting sliced in paper in the fridge for nearly 48 hours.

And I'm not gonna lie -- I thought the flavor on its own was probably an acquired taste. It was fucking delightful with that cheese I bought, though. The Boy had one bite and that was it. I'm not gonna lie -- I was a little ... I'm not sure annoyed is the word I was going for; maybe disappointed. I don't know. It just sucks that I spent $25 on something that he had one bite of and that was it.

Still, it just goes to show you (as if I needed more examples) that just because something is expensive doesn't mean it will be delicious or useful or whatever.

Aside from that, the weekend was pretty good. Law Talkin' Gal and I went to the new Psycho Suzi's last night. It was the same food and drinks, but a much bigger venue and with a crazy huge fucking crowd. I think it would be great to go on a Saturday afternoon or a week night to maybe get a spot on the patio, to watch the river.

Today was M&S's local wedding reception. It was fun. Save for the fact that The Boy had a panic attack before we went. He recovered enough to go there, but he left early. I could tell he was distressed the minute I walked in the door. He recovered enough in short order that we could go, but we weren't there terribly long before he had to leave. I feel terrible that he had a panic attack and that he went and didn't have a good time. However, he was able to walk home from the venue. And I gave him an out on Friday. I mean, I appreciate that he tried. People were glad to see him. But I feel terrible about putting him in a situation that made him feel bad.

My afternoon drinking has left me only able to do my laundry. I couldn't really cook anything for the week as I have a stir fry sitting in the fridge that I made late last week. I'm going to have to have a night this week where I do some cooking. But it might be baking some salmon fillets and roasting some vegetables. I DON'T KNOW.

Also -- I finally looked at the mouse poison I put down two weeks ago when The Boy came over and helped me put my air conditioner in. IT HAD BEEN CONSUMED. I guess I just had the other two baits in the wrong place. And I'm not crazy. While I'm totally creeped out, I feel better knowing the bait has been consumed.

09 June 2011


Tomorrow night, The Boy I Currently Like and I are going to eat ridiculously expensive ham. Before we even met, The Boy I Currently Like's Better Looking Friend blogged about Jamón ibérico, which is Spanish ham made from hogs who eat mostly acorns. It's apparently quite the delicacy.

It's also stupid expensive. I've wanted to try it, because I loves me some pork products. But I have serious problem paying crazy amounts of money for pork products, because I don't generally pay for pork. I know the hogs on the farm aren't fed acorns, but still ...

My neighborhood fancy liquor store/cheese shop may or may not have Jamón ibérico for like, $100 per pound. That sounds INSANE, right? But when The Boy sent me a link from France 44 offering their normally $65 per half pound Jamón ibérico for $50 per half pound, I thought it seemed reasonable. Mostly because I happened to have a gift card to France 44.

So, I went yesterday and bought ridiculously expensive Spanish ham. They only had a quarter pound left, so that's what I got. I also bought an insanely delicious Spanish cheese to go with it. Honestly, The Boy is lucky he'll get to eat any of it, because that was the cheese of my dreams. Holy shit. I still had plenty of cash left, though! Or gift card cash. So I bought fancy preserves and wine.

I won't know until tomorrow if the Jamón ibérico is worth the price, but if it is and you buy a small amount (the quarter pound package I have in the fridge seems like a shitload of meat right now), it's really not that crazy. The cheese, at $14 for a half pound, seems fully reasonable. Oh my God, it's taking everything I have to not eat that cheese right now.

Look for news later about the fancy ham!

08 June 2011

An afternoon of hookey that wasn't.

We had a partial power outage at work today. Most of the light stayed on, but the network went down. The AC was off. The fridge seemed to stay on, but the microwave and toaster wouldn't work. My computer worked, I could even connect to the network for a while, but that ended. Even working with the wireless ended up being a fruitless effort.

So I went home. And I was going to work outside. Unfortunately, the sun was shining directly on the deck. I was working with a black laptop that absorbed heat surprisingly fast. And I couldn't change the brightness on the computer screen. It wasn't to be.

Yet, I still had the opportunity to finish work a bit early. The key word was "opportunity." It took more than an hour to send the thing to the client. That's bullshit, y'all.

Oh well. I have two fun facts for you tonight. First, I had to go through two gross toilets to get to a decent one at the gym tonight. Second, it's 30 degrees cooler right now tonight than it was last night. That's it. I got nothin'. Sorry.

07 June 2011


To the woman who cut me off on I35W north: I know there was a state trooper up ahead and you're supposed to get over one lane to give them room when they're on the shoulder. However, I still think I was justified in honking and giving you the thumbs up when you jerked into my lane without signaling (doing it after the fact doesn't really count) and forced me to slam on my brakes at 60 mph on a busy interstate. You had time to wait for an opening; time to signal. You didn't need to nearly cause an accident. Bitch.

To the "ladies" at the gym who don't know how to use a toilet: My beef isn't with you, "lady" who left a used tampon in a toilet. Nor with you, "lady" who left either a used pad or tampon (thankfully wrapped in toilet paper) on the floor of the stall I eventually used. My beef is with you, "lady" who filled a toilet full of toilet paper and then took a gigantic shit on top of that toilet paper.

First, who taught you to use the bathroom? You are doing it wrong. You wipe after you poop. Not before. No wonder the gym smelled so fucking bad tonight. Second, I realize these toilets are automatic, but I can't be the only person who makes sure they flush before leaving. How you possibly thought that toilet would flush when it was FULL of toilet paper is beyond me. Seriously -- that enormous log was out of the water, fully on top of a bed of toilet paper.

How does this happen? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? So much for that "I go to a nice gym now," thing. It took more than a year, though, before it went in the shitter (pun ... unavoidable, I say).

06 June 2011

Like water off a duck's back.

That's how I'm treating today's work frustrations. I'm pretty sure it's because Chicken Little isn't around, because I did manage to get pretty goddamn frustrated for a while. Yet here I am, not stressing and NOT WORKING AT HOME.

There's not much I can do about it when the client tells us one thing and some other dude comes along 10 days later and says, "Yeah, no, that's totally wrong." Not my money, so that's cool. What else can I do? Quite frankly, it makes my job a bit easier, because I know there's nothing out there.

Worked sucked because it was so fucking hot in the office. It was 90-some degrees today and it's always warm on Mondays in summer. I turned the temp down and shut the blinds before I left in preparation for tomorrow's 97 degrees. The delightful thing about the weather? It's supposed to be 30 degrees cooler on Thursday.

So, I'm not in a horrible mood. In fact, I'm in a pretty good mood. The last time I felt good on a Monday, that shit was dashed on Tuesday, but I'm thinking without Chicken Little, I should get at least one day of reprieve. I'm wiped out, though. Probably due to the heat. I should get to bed a decent hour tonight ... Ha! Good luck with that, sucker.

I feel like there were other things I was going to mention ... OH! I know. I had so much extra time tonight, I added two -- count 'em, TWO! -- posts over at That's not a parking spot, Asshole. Exciting!

05 June 2011

Dog-petting, outdoor drinking and cooking.

Despite the fact that The Boy I Currently Like was away camping this weekend with Fat Mike the Gangsta and The Boy I Currently Like's Better-Looking Friend, I managed to stay occupied, have some fun and not miss him too terribly.

Things were not looking good on Friday, however. Though, The Boy found some program that allowed him to set up e-mails with awesome dog pictures that were sent to me every hour, all day. You can have your flowers and jewelry and other stock romantic bullshit. This is my kind of romance. Goddamn, he's good.

I needed those hourly doggie pictures, too, because Friday was less than awesome. But that's the story of my job, no? I'm not even going to get into it, except to say Chicken Little somehow managed to fuck my day up royally despite being out of the office through Tuesday. That motherfucker.

But there were dog pictures! And then when I finished work, I went to W&J's house to hang out with them and their awesome dogs. It was a really lovely evening. We sat outside and talked and laughed at the dogs and ate and I felt so much better after I was there for a little bit. I'm so lucky to have friends who can erase a bad week in ... well, minutes, really. It probably wasn't even a full hour before I felt immensely better.

Saturday was good, too. I didn't get to the nephew's basketball tournament, but I made it to my goddaughter's. I really need to be around more for her. Sounds like her first couple of weeks as a teenager have been kinda rough. After her game I ran a bunch of errands, which included getting shoes for S&M's wedding reception last weekend. I'm super-stoked that I managed to get a cute-ish Old Navy casual dress I can wear and not feel too casual, nor too dressed up. YAY!

However, Saturday was just getting started. I honestly felt like it should be about 6:00 when I got home from errands at 3:00. I must have gotten up early. I spent the next several hours, from about 4:00 to 10:00, enjoying patios and rooftop decks and gin and tonics with Law Talkin' Gal and Macho Man. HOLY FUCKING SHIT. It was so lovely. It was 80ish, not humid, maybe a bit windy, but not a cloud in the sky. It was that one day I wait for every year that makes me say, "This is why I live in Minneapolis. Today, sitting on this patio, drinking a gin and tonic." That day came so late this year. But at least it finally happened.

Today was less awesome, but not fully terrible. I did a lot of stuff -- went to the gym, did laundry, worked (unfortunately), watched my Bee Gees Biography show, watched the Twins win, made (chicken) andouille with collard greens and grits (cheesy polenta) and read on the deck for a bit.

Had I not worked today I might have faced the week refreshed and renewed. But I didn't get enough done, so I'm already stressing about this week. I didn't get enough done because I'm so fucking burned out that I it takes me twice as long to do something on the weekend as it probably should. I need a fucking day off so bad. That's not coming any time soon, though.

BUT! Good news! Thursday is the first CSA day of the year. I'm so fucking excited. That's something. And I get to hang out with The Boy this weekend. There's the wedding reception and possibly other stuff. Looks like the weather will be shitty (60s? REALLY?) this weekend, so I'm glad I soaked up some sun this weekend.

Now, I'm going to watch the Mavs hopefully come back and win this shit and watch The Killing and just fucking chill the rest of the night.

02 June 2011

I was so close.

I really thought I'd be able to leave work on time today. "On time" means after eight hours. Or 8.5 or even 9 hours. I was a bit unsure as to what I'd do with myself, leaving work at 5:00. That would give me time to run home before 6:30 yoga. How decadent!

Of course, I didn't leave work until after 6:30. So no 6:30 yoga. But at least I wouldn't have to work from home tonight. Except I'm working from home now. Honestly, people who submit "urgent" or "rush" requests on Friday are just fucking evil.

I wanted to leave early tomorrow to go to Happy Hour, but my Facebook post asking if anyone was interested went un-commented on by everyone but Em. And she lives in Milwaukee. I'm fucking tempted to see if she wants to do it on Saturday.

Sure, I can just get drunk at home. It's cheaper. And it's supposed to be hot and possibly thunderstorming. Still, if I had a reason to leave, I might actually leave work early. I almost certainly have to work this weekend. What is another couple of hours if it means I can leave early?

Fuck. My brain is fried. I don't know where I was going with this. I should probably not bother trying to blog when I'm overworked and stressed the fuck out.

01 June 2011

Wednesday weirdness.

Okay, so none of this is really all that weird. But that sounded nice as a title.

I finished work at 10:15! I'm totally excited. I even got to take a two-hour break to go to the gym in there. I'm hoping against hope that I leave on time tomorrow. I'm also daring to hope that I might get to leave early on Friday.

Came home from the gym to find -- just barely -- signs indicating there was to be no parking on my street. I turned around with the intention of parking on the other side of the street and saw one different sign. Still no parking, but no parking Monday through Friday on this block. I went to the end of the block and turned east and finally found a non-signed block. At least on the south side. The next block east, however, had signs on the south side.

I tried to read what was on the signs. Even getting up close wasn't helpful. It appears the ones on my side of the street say "Concrete Idea" with a Northwest suburbs phone number. The signs across the street don't have a phone number or anything written on them. These signs are placed really haphazardly. Across the street there are only two signs -- one on the north side and one on the south. There are maybe three on my side. Not the way the city normally does it.

Whatever ... I assume there's some legitimate purpose, as there is a ton of spray-painted shit on the sidewalks and wee flags marking buried cable. I'm just super-confused as to what it is all about.

Also, I noticed Subway's new commercials touting their avocado on sandwiches. They claim avocado is super-flavorful (not their exact words, but close). Look, I LOVE avocado, but it isn't terribly flavorful on its own.

The avocado in the commercials looks a bit like guacamole. That is flavorful. But Subway does not call it guac in the commercials. It's all very strange and confusing.

See, I told you. None of this was really weird. Sorry for disappointing y'all.