23 May 2011

A sure sign of Spring.

As of today, I've started shaving my legs on days I won't be seeing The Boy I Currently Like. I'd better stock up on shave gel.

Another long work day full of annoyance and frustration. The management company said the deck is shared, but I need to actually speak to someone to find out, you know, when that changed and WHY NO ONE TOLD ME.

Moving isn't an option because finding a new job is the first priority and I don't have time for that. I'm sure things will look better after a long weekend. Unless I have to work.

In other news, if you're feeling generous, I'd encourage you to throw a few bucks to the North Minneapolis Recovery Fund. I feel like the damage in North Minneapolis isn't going to get the attention and help it needs, because it will be overshadowed by the devastation in Missouri. But the North Side was already in trouble -- this tornado hit an area that was already economically distressed.

Donations will be matched up to $200,000 through the end of the month, so even if it's a few bucks, it'll help. I'm so glad to see businesses and organizations I follow on Twitter and Facebook sharing information, and in the case of the Chef Shack, actually out there feeding residents and workers. That shit makes my heart swell with civic pride, y'all.

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