04 May 2011

The picture of restraint.

I met KayGee at the MOA after work tonight to help her do some makeup shopping. After our makeup class last week, she had a fairly substantial list of items she needed.

We went to Sephora and Aveda. She spent a shitload of money at Sephora and we got free shit at Aveda. We also plotted what we're going to buy this weekend, when we get double pure privilege points at Aveda.

The big news here, though, is that we were in Sephora for what seems like forever, AND I DIDN'T BUY A SINGLE THING. I'm amazing!

I'm not some sort of superhero, though. I got two new eye shadows and a new lip glass at MAC on Friday. On Thursday, a couple of eye shadow/convertible color palettes from Stila arrived in the mail, too. So, really, what the hell did I need? Then again, what do I ever need?

Now that KayGee has her new makeup, we're going to have a tutorial night some time next week or the following. It'll be good, because I have crazy new eye shadows that I need to test. I'm pretty stoked.

Sometimes, it feels good to be girlie.

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