30 May 2011

Not-so-long weekend.

This holiday weekend didn't feel as if it was a day longer than normal. Or, maybe it did. I mean, I did a bunch of stuff, yet spent a chunk of today working. I don't feel like I got much/enough done. But Jesus H. Christ, it's a fucking holiday.

I consumed a lot of wine this weekend and ate some really great food with the Nordeast Crew. I spent an extra night with The Boy I Currently Like, as well. While I was waiting for him to show up tomorrow and pick me up to go to the Nordeast BBQ, I heard some noise in the kitchen. It was enough to make me think my mouse problem wasn't solved.

So, I stayed with my big, strong man. He got the stuff I needed from the kitchen while I grabbed stuff to sleep over. When he brought me home today, he scoped things out and stayed near while I checked and placed bait. He even helped me get my air conditioner put in the window (unrelated, but every year my mom tells me to get help and since it was fucking 88 and humid today and he was right here, I figured, why not?).

Then I sat on the deck and worked while doing laundry. I managed to be brave enough to do some quick dishes and unpack groceries. I didn't even put on my boots.

I'm just so fucking exhausted. I feel like I haven't been able to relax in days or probably even weeks. It sucks. The upside to that is that I'm so wiped out when it's time to go to bed that I fall asleep pretty easily and stay asleep. So, there's that. I'm also so wiped out I can't get up the ... whatever to be all that concerned about work tomorrow. Yay?

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angelsroy33 said...

And also don't forget, the more tired you are, the less inclined you will be to go out and spend money. (At least that's how I look at it when I'm working alot, and that tired.) Save, save, save.(Or save to go out shopping finally,-would be my motto.) Just saying,...