31 May 2011

Monday in a Hat.

That's what Tuesday is, you know. It's just Monday, trying to disguise itself with a stupid hat. Probably I've discussed this before. I should have.

This Monday in a Hat I'm still working at 10:37 p.m. However, I did take a good few hours off in between leaving the office and getting home and resuming work.

I took a break to go to yoga. It was one of those "gym" classes. The gym classes all have the same basic look and feel. At Bally it was one thing, at LA Fitness it is another. Lots of Warrior 2s and crunches. That's what I hate about gym classes. Not only are the the same, they're full of things I hate.

Despite the fact that I didn't like the military, non-certified-in-yoga instructor's style and that old hippie dude bugs the shit out of me, I like their classes. They stray from the prescribed LA Fitness format.

Yoga was so necessary tonight. Chicken Little is driving me fucking nuts, though I'll get a reprieve soon when he's out for a few days. Cannot. Fucking. Wait. But there is some other bullshit going down at the office I don't dare discuss at the moment. Suffice it to say, I'm confused and bummed.

In positive news, it's lovely (if not ridiculously windy) outside. Also, I'm being totally brave and sitting in the living room tonight. I've been here for almost two hours. EXCITING.

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